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Root touch ups, highlighting, and hair strengthening to prevent hair loss, our hair treatments can help.
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The refreshing scrub contains sugar, xylitol, ground grapeseeds and salicylic acid that strengthen and stimulate the hair follicles to promote fast hair growth. It removes excess dead skin cells from the surface, promotes skin metabolism and regulates keratin formation and sebum production. Nourishing oils obtained from grapeseed, olive, bay leaf and castor bean smooth the hair. Furthermore, the s..
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A SLES-free formula with mild natural washing ingredients effectively cleanses the hair and scalp without causing irritation. Amino acids fill and reconstruct cavities in the hair’s cortex, preventing breakage and increasing resistance to mechanical damage. Hyaluronic acid deeply moisturizes the hair for a more vital and energized look. Apply a small amount of shampoo to damp ..
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Gently and thoroughly removes hair dye stains left on the skin after hair colouring. Safe for skin, dermatologically tested. Apply the liquid on a cotton pad, then carefully wipe the dirty places several times. After removing the dirt, wash the skin with water...
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For complete colour removal from colour-treated hair without damaging its natural pigment. It can be used to completely remove the colour or just to slightly correct it; you can dye your hair again immediately after the treatment. Mild formula – does not contain ammonia or hydrogen peroxide...
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It gives a delicate, pastel pink shade to blond hair, strenghtens and refreshes the colour of previously dyed hair. It protects the color of the hair, prevents its tarnishing and gives it bounce and shine. The colour result depends on the initial hair colour, its condition and time of application. To intensify the effect it is recommended to use it together with the Prosalon Pink..
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It allows to get a cold pastel – pink colour on blond and light blond hair, while it gives a delicate, raspberry glow to darker and unbleached hair. It gives an immediate but washable effect. The intensity of the colour increases after each use of the shampoo. To intensify the effect it is recommended to use it together with the Prosalon Pink Blonde mask. The amount of the shamp..
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Step 1;Deeply regenerating mask Thanks to the opened hair cuticles under the influence of heat, the active ingredients reach the depths quickly and effectively. Effectively nourishes and restores hair elasticity. Enriched with natural oils – macadamia, argan and sweet almonds – moisturizes, softens and protects the hair. Spread the mask over dry hair, comb it and put on t..
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Thermoset Laminating Spray .Heat-activated spray with rapid smoothing effect. Creates a protective film around each hair, acting like an umbrella: protects hair from damage, tangles, frizz and electrification. The Smart Silicone Complex smoothes and adds shine to the hair, helping to achieve a hair-smooth effect. Restores the hydrophobic properties of the hair and reduces the ..
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Brightening lamellar conditioner.  Smart silicone adheres only in places of damage, giving the hair exceptional smoothness, looseness and shine. A rich peptide complex combined with flax and black cumin seed extracts strengthens and shines hair. Thanks to this unique composition, the effect is intensified, and the hair remains soft and full of volume for a long time. T..
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Brightening lamellar shampoo .Mild cleansing ingredients perfectly cleanse and care for the scalp and hair. Smart silicone complex conditions hair on an unprecedented scale, giving it exceptional smoothness and shine. Flax and black cumin seed extracts additionally provide softness and elasticity. Modern conditioners protect the delicate hair cuticle from damage during comb..
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Made for weak and thin hair. The serum nourishes, regenerates, strengthens and prevents hair loss. Absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy film.Hair Biotic Serum serum for hair prone to falling out from the Chantal brand.Made for weak and thin hair. The serum nourishes, regenerates, strengthens and prevents hair loss. Absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy film.It contains tricorexina, procapil and pan..
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Gets rid of undesirable yellow tones from bleaching or colouring, brings a gentle silver-ash shade to grey hair. Thanks to silk proteins, the hair is rebuilt, smooth, and moisturized. Additional bamboo extract to prevent loss of colour and hair ageing. Apply a small amount of shampoo on damp hair, massage until foam is formed. Leave on the hair for a few minutes and then rins..
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