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Repair your hair, keep its colour or keep it in the style you want with one of our Hairsprays

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Your hair is weak, thin, brittle and you have difficulty combing it. This is a signal that it needs special care rich in optimally selected strengthening ingredients. A special formula of hair botox based on a complex of keratin and collagen of plant origin and ceramides, strengthens, rebuilds and moisturizes weak, thin, dry and brittle hair. After just a few uses of the conditioner, the hair r..
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Joanna Professional Smoothing line is designed for use on dry, damaged hair after styling treatments. The product formulas contain hydrolyzed silk, ensuring adequate moisturization. The Smoothing line provides comprehensive care and leaves hair smooth, soft, glossy and healthy.Joanna Professional Smoothing conditioner offers intensive care of hair subjected to styling treatments. A special formula..
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