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Babies and mums need extra special attention. So we've sources some brilliant products that will help treat their more delicate skin.


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VIBOVIT Bobas is a dietary supplement that provides the body of a child of 2-4 years with vitamins. Thanks to this, it supports its proper development and growth.VIBOVIT Bobas strengthens immunity and has a positive effect on the functioning of the nervous system. VIBOVIT Bobas Composition: 1 sachet contains: Vitamin A 350mcg (44%), Vitamin B6 0.7 mg (50%), Vitamin D3 2.5mcg (50%), Vitamin B12..
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NIVEA Baby No Tears Shampoo is formulated for baby's sensitive scalp and hair. The extra mild formula with Chamomile gently soothes and cleanses sensitive scalp and hair leaving it clean and soft. It's also gentle on baby’s eyes and protects from tears. Hypoallergenic and dermatologically approved: NIVEA BABY NO TEARS MILD SHAMPOO. With Chamomile that gently cleanses to soothe scalp and leave h..
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Vibovit Max Resistance Jelly - 50 pieces Vibovit Max Resistance of jelly beans with elderberry extract is a wealth of 11 vitamins and minerals and routines that support development and natural immunity of the child It contains maximum doses of * ingredients that have a positive effect on the immune system and the development and functioning of the young body, including the maintenance of nor..
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More information Cream for the care of children and babies. The product received a positive opinion of the Children's Health Center. INDICATIONS recommended from the first day of life ACTION • moisturises, protects against water loss and gently oils the skin • strengthens the protective functions of the epidermis • soothes irritations, especially in places pro..
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More information The delicate skin of the newborn is extremely susceptible to irritation. That is why Ziaja laboratories have developed an ointment for the care of the baby's buttocks. ACTION • prevents chafing • creates a protective layer on the skin - an excellent moisture barrier • soothes abrasions, irritation and redness of the epidermis • reduces the tendency t..
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Body care preparationsBODY ProgramEffect:- moisturizing- anti-aging- nutrition- flexibilityAction:- regenerates- reduces the visibility of stretch marks- antioxidant effect- anti-agingUse:Apply the balm to the whole body or parts of the body to be treated. Massage into skin until absorbed. Do not fumble.Warning! The product is also recommended for breastsIntended for:All skin types, including skin..
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Fruit tooth gel for children. Tiny shiny particles and the taste of forest fruits will make everyday brushing more attractive.INDICATIONS:for children from 2 to 6 years oldACTION:• Gently but thoroughly cleans teeth• provides effective protection against caries• clearly strengthens the enamel• prevents the formation of plaqueType:tooth gelDirections for use:To brush your teeth, use a small amount ..
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A gentle shampoo for children and babies from 6 months of age. The product received a positive opinion of the Children's Health Center.- does not irritate the eyesACTION:• washes gently and perfectly nourishes the hair• effectively moisturizes and prevents them from drying out• gives the hair a natural fluffiness and softness• makes hair easier to detangle- soap-free and dye-freeType:shampoosDirec..
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A lubricating fluid for children and babies from 1 day of age.The product received a positive opinion of the Children's Health Center.ACTION• thoroughly cleanses and perfectly nourishes the skin• lightly oils the skin, leaving a delicate protective layer on the skin• visibly softens and protects the epidermis• effectively prevents the skin from drying out-no soap, no dyes, no preservativesComplexi..
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Delicate milk with a high sun protection factor. It contains photostable UVA and UVB filters and moisturizing and soothing substances: provitamin B5, vitamin E and aloe extract. it spreads easily and is convenient in application.ACTION• Provides protection against UVA and UVB rays.• Protects the skin against irritation.• Moisturizes and soothes weakened and sun-dried skin...
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After sunbathing baby milk.Light, moisturizing after-sun milk, adapted to the delicate skin of children. Provides relief to sun-irritated skin. It contains czufa milk obtained from ground almonds, D-panthenol and corn syrup - an anti-itching substance.ActionIt strengthens the hydro-lipid layer of the epidermis.It soothes weakened and sun-dried skin.Effectively reduces redness.Moisturizes and reduc..
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Magic bubble bath for children from 12 months of age.changes color in waterACTION• washes the skin gently but effectively• does not affect the protective layer of the epidermis• perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the skin• does not cause irritation- soap freeComplexioneachTypelotionsUsage methodPour 2 - 3 caps of the liquid into the water and mix thoroughly.Active substancescotton extract, D-pant..
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