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Juicy fruit aroma and fresh floral aromas will definitely be loved by every woman highlighting their sensuality, sensitivity and energy.A pear, bergamot and peach will energise  and the floral notes with dominating freesia, lily of the valley and rose scents give the composition a romantic character.The base is composed of vanilla, musk and sandalwood making the woman smell chic and sensual a..
barcode: 5904730300988 | code: VIA 009 |  stock: 12
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A beautiful fruity scent that will leave you feeling like you're walking through a beautiful garden..
barcode: 5201314026457 | code: L9398 |  stock: 1
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Fruit meets flowers in this beautiful combination, this daily EDT is soft on the skin while smelling amazing!..
barcode: 5201314026426 | code: SARANTIS03 |  stock: 11
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barcode: 5201314039754 | code: SARANTIS02 |  stock: 31
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A fragrance that is worth having in your purse, because even a sad, rainy day acquires colors with it. The juiciness of the apple and the lightness of the Sicilian lemon add energy to the action, the freshness hidden in bamboo goes well with the summer morning, giving refreshment for the whole day. Jasmine and a white rose in the heart note are the quintessence of femininity, and the depth of the ..
barcode: 5904730300803 | code: L9395 |  stock: 3
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A timeless, elegant and sensual classic among men's compositions. The fragrance captivates with its refreshing scent of lavender and rosemary, surprises with a hint of sage and geranium, and the aroma of moss and cedar wood adds a masculine character to this composition. The composition combines freshness and energy with the warmth of exotic wood, thanks to which the whole harmonizes perfectly.HEA..
barcode: 5902539680232 | code: L11744 |  stock: 5
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Classics of the genre loved by resolute, extremely sensual and confident women. The aroma's depth is emphasized by the ylang- and neroli oil notes, and right after them there is an attractive rose and jasmine. The culmination of the composition is sandalwood, which together with vanilla and sensual forest note creates an unforgettable and unusual end result. An evening out or an important meeting ..
barcode: 5907690127893 | code: L9592 |  stock: 2
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The new version of the extremely popular Anathea has been enriched with water notes, which add lightness and freshness to the whole.They intertwine with the dominant vanilla in the composition, complemented by ginger flower, salt and bergamot.Thanks to this, Anathea Fresh acquires a citrus and spicy expression.Ambra, cashmere wood and petitgrain provide the final touch of the projection, enchantin..
barcode: 5902539680072 | code: VIA 007 |  stock: out of stock
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Another edition of the classic Lili Ardagio, in which currant leaves have been replaced with currant syrup, which makes the fragrance sweeter, but at the same time elegant, sensual, harmoniously developing on the female body.This composition fits perfectly into the summer climate, exuding fruity sweetness.The predominance of freesia in the heart note adds feminine elegance and subtlety to the frag..
barcode: 5904730300827 | code: L9163 |  stock: 29
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Fenzi Cest La Vie is a floral - fruity fragrance for women. Perfumed nourishing body lotion.Fragrance pyramid: - Top Notes: black currant and pear - Heart Notes: iris, jasmine and orange blossom - Base Notes: patchouli, tonka bean, vanilla and pralineA COMPLEX OF ACTIVE INGREDIENTS TAKES CARE OF AND GIVES A HEALTHY APPEARANCE TO THE SKIN. BALM FORMULA CONTAINS HYALURONIC ACID, AN IDEAL INGREDIE..
barcode: 5902539681116 | code: L63836 |  stock: 4
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fragrance that is worth having in your purse, because even a sad, rainy day takes on colors with it. The juiciness of apples and the lightness of Sicilian lemon give energy to action, freshness hidden in bamboo harmonizes with the summer morning, refreshing for the whole day. Jasmine and white rose in the heart note are the essence of femininity, and the depth of the fragrance is emphasized by the..
barcode: 5902539680690 | code: L62535 |  stock: 19
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A new, extremely sensual fragrance for men enclosed in an elegant bottle. The composition opens with a distinct note of ginger. After a moment, you will feel the lavender and the tempting mannequin fruit, which works like an aphrodisiac. The skin note crowning the whole strengthens the smell, making it take on a distinct, masculine character. This composition is the perfect fragrance for a man con..
barcode: 5904730300759 | code: L9595 |  stock: 1
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