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Problematic Skin

For sensitive, dry or skin with acne or spots we have the perfect treatments for you. Every skin is different, one of our high quality products should be just what your skin needs

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RedBlocker night  cream is a specialist skincare product for delicate skin prone to irritation and redness.The rich formula is based on three natural extracts of chestnut, butcher's-broom and cranberry which protect the skin from redness and strengthen blood vessel walls to prevent spider veins. The cream is additionally fortified with ginkgo extract which supports skin cell regeneration duri..
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The gel, thanks to the content of active ingredients such as sulfur, wheat proteins or D-panthenol, reduces the loss of water from the skin by 30%, additionally reducing the excessive secretion of sebum. Pores become less noticeable and the skin becomes matte. Used regularly, the gel allows you to normalize the skin condition, which will remain healthy and radiant every day...
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The anti-acne tonic from the Sulfuric Color series helps in the fight against imperfections - it deeply cleanses the skin, tightens pores, tones and refreshes the skin, reducing the development of blackheads. ..
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Barwa anti-acne sulfur soap is an excellent support in the fight against imperfections and acne lesions. The soap effectively cleanses the skin, prevents it from getting greasy, reduces the visibility of pores without causing excessive skin dryness. ..
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Mattifying Sulfur Cream is a cosmetic that reduces the visibility of blackheads and the shine of the skin. Supports the care of skin prone to acne.After four weeks of regular use, the skin tone is evened out and the visibility of scars is reduced. The cream is perfect as a make-up base, creating the Second Skin effect. The cosmetic guarantees a matte appearance of the skin for up to 14 ho..
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Every complexion has its own needs, if yours is problematic, tends to be shiny and has visible enlarged pores, this 2 in 1 emulsion will be perfect for them. Instantly refresh it and restore a healthy look. Matt Me Now cream + tonic in the form of a delicate moisturising mist, acts as a light cream and refreshing tonic. Conditions, mats and balances the pH of the skin. Its base is enriched by ref..
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COUPEROSE SKINAGAINST IRRITATIONS AND DILATED BLOOD VESSELSCapillary Repair Cream is a perfect cosmetic preparation recommended for year-round  skincare of soft, delicate and sensitive couperose skin with problems of:-fragile, weak and dilated blood vessels-visible spider veins and skin reddening-irritated and temperature-sensitive skin.Capacity: 50 mlOperationIT PROVIDES COMPREHENSIVE PROPER..
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Suitable for mixed complexion, oily, seborrheic, exposed to visible formation of acne lesions, blackheads, shiny skin, blocked and dilated pores.The tonic cleanses, unlocks, narrows and closes the pores, reduces oiliness and skin shining, normalizes the secretion of sebum, dries pimples, soothes irritation and redness of the skin, reduces existing acne and prevents new changes, moisturises and soo..
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I am natural (92% ingredients of natural origin according to the ISO 16128 standard), strengthening and balancing face serum based on a vegan recipe and full of active ingredients that will make your skin happy. HOW TO USE ME? In the morning and evening, apply me on cleansed face, neck and cleavage and leave to absorb. You can use me interchangeably with FaceBoom Skin Dopamine strongly moi..
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Restructuring acid facial peeling for all skin types, including gray, tired, with the first signs of age, fine wrinkles. It is also recommended for barrier, problematic, combination, natural, dry and dehydrated skin. Contains 10% of AHA and PHA acids. It exfoliates dead epidermis, smoothes and brightens the skin. Getting ready for the grooming steps. Active ingredients: Glycolic Acid, Mandelic A..
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Intended for: all skin types, especially dry and dehydrated skin. Active ingredients: Ceramides, Phytosterols, Linoleic Acid and Linolenic Acid extracted from Kukui Nut Oil, Linoleic Acid extracted from Passiflora Oil, Duo AQUAPorin, Trehalose, Betaine. Action: • intensive and long-lasting moisturization (water retention in the skin) • protection against transepidermal water loss • activa..
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Indications: oily and mixed skin with acne problems Treatment – antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties – deeply purifies the skin and sebaceous glands unclogging the pores – reduces reddishness and soothes skin irritations – refines pores, strengthens, firms and smoothes the skin Active Ingredients green clay white clay willow bark extract green tea extract grape..
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