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Our Eye Gels & Serums can keep you looking younger for longer! Keeping your skin tight and beautiful so you can keep looking amazing

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The gel, thanks to the content of active ingredients such as sulfur, wheat proteins or D-panthenol, reduces the loss of water from the skin by 30%, additionally reducing the excessive secretion of sebum. Pores become less noticeable and the skin becomes matte. Used regularly, the gel allows you to normalize the skin condition, which will remain healthy and radiant every day...
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The DRINK ME UP serum is a concentrated dose of 100% vegan hydrating, conditioning and smoothing ingredients. Its base is moisturizing, isotonic coconut water, and the rest of the ingredients are pure poetry.What is inside?  vitamins B5, C, E, PP - a real vitamin bomb, energizing the skin like an injection of positive energy. adaptogens from basil - stimulate immunity and restore skin balanc..
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The highly moisturising COCONUT MILK coconut serum is a safe cosmetic for the daily care of all skin types, providing a wonderful feeling of hydration, relief and smoothness. The product is vegan friendly and contains 98% natural origin ingredients. The serum is perfectly absorbed and wraps the skin, allowing for optimal absorption of beneficial active ingredients and creating the so-called COC..
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The serum optimally moisturizes and smoothes the skin. It illuminates it beautifully and makes it look radiant. At the same time, it reduces the feeling of tightness, dryness and discomfort. It restores the proper level of skin hydration and improves its appearance. We have carefully selected the active ingredients in this product so that you can enjoy its effectiveness: rose quartz - this b..
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Rich in lipids precious for the skin, the 2-phase serum comprehensively cares for mature skin, ensuring optimal hydration and beautiful skin throughout the day, as well as deep regeneration and nourishment at night. The serum strengthens the natural water-lipid barrier of the skin, thanks to which it effectively improves its quality and condition, minimizing the negative effects of aging.The lipid..
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Deeply revitalizing, concentrated serum - anti-wrinkle ampoule with an innovative gel formula with 24 carat gold flakes, smooths wrinkles nicely, optimally moisturizes and nourishes, improves skin firmness and elasticity, reduces the visibility of discoloration. It improves the color and beautifully illuminates the complexion. ..
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The concentrated product helps to even out the skin tone, lightens discolorations, adds a radiant glow and illuminates the skin. In addition, the serum has an anti-wrinkle effect and contributes to the fight against imperfections...
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The latest serum from the Good Skin series is intended for the care of dehydrated, dehydrated and sensitive skin. It does not affect the natural hydro-lipid balance of the epidermis and has a strong moisturizing effect without overburdening it. After applying it, the skin will regain its glow, and you will forget about the feeling of unpleasant tension and dryness. ..
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The light formula of the product normalizes, moisturizes and smoothes the skin. The face seru is intended for regular and effective care of combination skin. The product also reduces the formation of acne and lightens discolorations...
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Intended for:all skin types.Active ingredients:Colloidal gold, Caviar.Action:• stimulates the natural vitality of cells,• inhibits the process of wrinkles formation,• smoothes and reduces existing wrinkles,• increases the elasticity and elasticity of the epidermis,• eliminates discoloration and evens out skin tone,• gives the effect of an illuminated, radiant complexion.Capacity: 50 ml..
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Recommendations: all skin types, especially dry and sensitive skin, mimic wrinkles and lines, loss of elasticity Active ingredients: PhytoCellTec ™ Alp Rose, biomimetic peptides, hyaluronic acid, lactobionic acid, Argireline ™. Effects: • contains substances that assist in reduction of facial muscle contractions • increases collagen and elastin synthesis • regenerates, smoothes, firms th..
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The eye serum with a brightening complex is a highly concentrated eye cosmetic that helps to reduce wrinkles, strongly firms and revitalizes, as well as illuminates this area and immediately improves its appearance and optically smoothes it. The serum improves microcirculation and reduces dark circles under the eyes and puffiness. Makes the skin look rested. It has a light consistency and the form..
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