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Eye Make-Up Remover

Keeping your eyes and the skin around them clean is important, while putting makeup on can help make you look beautiful, taking it off in a healthy way is just as important to keep them looking beautiful for longer!
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Sulfur micellar water with aloe vera thoroughly cleans and effectively cares for acne-prone skin. It removes all kinds of impurities and waterproof makeup from the epidermis . It soothes irritations and reduces visible redness. ..
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Delicate, fragrance-free micellar makeup remover for sensitive eye area. Dissolves cosmetics perfectly. Excellent for eyelash extensions. Leaves no irritation or discomfort. Matcha extract, rich in antioxidant components, prevents skin ageing processes. Additionally, it supports regeneration of skin exposed to adverse external factors such as air pollution and UV radiation. The product is suitable..
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Water thoroughly cleanses the epidermis, removing make-up from the face, eyes and lips as well as other dirt. It refreshes the skin and provides it with everything it needs in the cleansing stage. OUR ORIGINAL BEAUTY COMPLEX consists of: VITAMIN B12 - a vitamin of natural origin with a beautiful pink color, which helps to soothe sensitive and stressed skin, brings relief, accelerates skin re..
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Balancing niacinamide micellar water, dedicated to problematic skin. How it works? The liquid perfectly removes make-up, normalizes, mattifies and refreshes the skin. Ingredients: > fighting imperfections, smoothing and helping to improve the color of the niacinamide molecule > synbiotic supporting the microbiome and skin resistance to adverse external factors > astringent, smoot..
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Effectively removes makeup and cares. It can even handle waterproof makeup. Refreshes and cleanses the epidermis. At the same time, it moisturizes, soothes and soothes, prepares the skin well for further care, e.g. with a cream or serum. Formula based on lipids with Omega 3,6,9 acids, which strengthen the skin's hydrolipid barrier. The complex of olive oils, chia seeds, cotton and carrot nourishes..
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Natural micellar water designed to cleanse the skin of the face, neck and cleavage. Thanks to the content of natural ingredients and vegan formula, it does not irritate and can also be used to remove eye makeup. Designed for all skin types, including those prone to irritation.Effectively removes makeup. It cleanses the skin of contaminants formed after a whole day. It refreshes and prepares it for..
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A product with the consistency of a fluffy foam that impresses with its formula. The mild washing substance contained in the foam effectively removes make-up, all impurities from the skin and supports the skin barrier. In addition, active ingredients with a broad spectrum of soothing action complement the functionality of the product. The foam perfectly degreases the skin and is also recommended a..
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ULTRA-LIGHT GEL OIL FOR MAKE-UP REMOVAL The formula of a light, gel oil that changes its consistency during makeup removal into a velvety, skin-enveloping milk. Gently but effectively removes make-up and impurities without rubbing the skin hard.HOW TO  USE: the product changes its consistency from gel to milk when combined with water. Wet your hands, apply a small amount to your fingertip..
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Cleansing and normalizing treatmentEffect:Thoroughly cleansed faceAction:• gently and thoroughly cleanses the skin,• does not clog the sebaceous glands• prevents blackheads,• regulates sebum production,• removes dead skin cells,• does not cause irritation and does not dry the skin,• soothes inflammatory skin changes.Use:Apply the gel on wet face and gentlymassage in with specific movements. Then e..
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A rejuvenating cosmetic facial volume treatmentEffect:- makeup removal- refreshment- relief of irritation- moisturizingAction:- perfectly removes makeup- cleanses and refreshes the skin- soothes and alleviates irritations- optimally moisturizesUse:Apply on face, neck and cleavage, gently massage in circular motions. Then, using moist cleaning tissues or cotton pads, remove the preparation thorough..
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Balancing and protective treatment for facial skinEffect:Cleansed faceAction:accurate and very delicate makeup removalskin cleansingsolacepreparation for the next stages of the procedureUse:Apply on face, neck and cleavage, gently massage in circular motions. Then, using moist treatment wipes or cotton pads, remove the preparation thoroughly and wipe the skin with flakes soaked in with a Gentle Fa..
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A product with a gel consistency that turns into water during application. It cleanses the skin of make-up and impurities in a very pleasant and effective way. A cosmetic created on the basis of a non-ionic, mild surfactant washing agent, combined with active ingredients with a soothing potential, regulating the skin microbiome and the hydrolipid barrier.Usage: apply the lotion to the skin of t..
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