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Add volume, lengthen, or curl your lashes with our mascaras, we're sure you'll find something that'll give your eyelashes the wow factor!

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With a super lightweight formula and nourishing ingredients, this mascara is ideal for even the most sensitive skin. Creates and gives volume to the eyelashes while curling them in a single stroke, thanks to its silicone brush that makes the eyelash adhere perfectly...
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The classic, recognizable mascara from Variété is now available in brown! A perfect solution for people with lighter hair. It will subtly emphasize the frame of the eyes and create a delicate, natural make-up. The unique formula will take care of increasing the volume of the hairs and their maximum length. Extremely durable formula will ensure beautiful makeup throughout the day, without shedding ..
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Mascara in Big Volume collection attracts attention with its juicy red colour. Innovative, specially selected brush with alternately longer and shorter hair. Maximally thickens and separates the lashes. To emphasize them perfectly, turn the brush while applying the mascara. Unique formula of the mascara is smooth and envelops each lash without lumps or smudges. Contains natural carnaub..
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Timeless depth of lookMascara intensifies make-up effect with every stroke of BIGBRASH brush. At the same time provides perfect separation of eyelashes and truly hypnotic look.Creamy texture enriched with Protein B5 and natural Carnauba waxes thickens eyelashes from the bottom to the very tip, allowing for individual creation of volume.Does not leave lumps.Effects:- spectacularly increased volume ..
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Big Volume Real Shock!Mascara provides a truly shocking experience volume of eyelashes...
barcode: 5901761982992 | code: JLTUBIGSHO_A |  stock: 6
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• immediate lengthening• sensual, spectacular curl• separation and shaping• intense black pigment..
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Latest mascara Extension Volume 4D FALSE DEFINITION maximally thickens and separates lashes, ensuring unique effect of false lashes. Extremely elastic PERFECT BRUSH™ patented by Eveline Cosmetics was made by use of latest materials DuPoint Hytrel ® technology and ensures perfect eye make-up, precisely separating lashes and enabling cover of every lash, even in eyes corners. Innovative formula c..
barcode: 5907609335982 | code: JLTUEXTPOG_A |  stock: 51
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Intensive black ink will separate and thicken the hair. Its caring formula will moisturise and smooth eyelashes, giving them exceptional volume!Excellent quality mascara will thicken and separate the eyelashes. It is intended for all types of eyelashes!Its caring formula contains Senegalese acacia resin extract, rice wax and carnauba wax, which will ensure deep hydration and smoothing.A unique sil..
barcode: 5903416038139 | code: JLTULOOKUP |  stock: 74
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Innovative mascara with caring argan oil cares for your lashes while giving them extraordinary length. The content of waxes makes the mascara sensually creamy, thanks to which it perfectly covers each lash without lumps and smudges. Unique curved brush is delicate for lashes. Maximally lengthens and additionally thickens lashes from their bottom to the tip, maiking the look become more cle..
barcode: 5901761936988 | code: JLTUEXTWYD_A |  stock: 45
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Mascara Extension Volume maximally thickens and separates eyelashes, guaranteeing a unique effect of artificial eyelashes. The unique, flexible PERFECT BRUSH ™ brush, patented by Eveline Cosmetics, was made using the latest materials using DuPoint Hytrel ® technology. Provides perfect eye makeup, separating eyelashes precisely and allowing you to cover all hair even at the corners of the eye.The m..
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VARIETE LASHES SHOW is a mascara that will give you full volume and spectacular lash extension after just one application. You can build an even more spectacular effect by applying additional layers. Precise application thanks to a fine brush allows you to cover even the smallest eyelashes...
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DOUBLE EFFECT! Ultra Long & Curl Mascara Revolutionary mascara MEGA SIZE LASHES ensures immediate effect of maximally long and curl lashes...
barcode: 5901761941531 | code: JLTUMESICU_A |  stock: 23
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