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Bielenda Professional

About the company
BIELENDA Professional has been operating since 1990.
They have been producing the highest quality natural face and body care cosmetics for 30 years. Bielenda Professional are a modern company which, from the very beginning, has been faithful to the belief that the most comprehensive, and at the same time safe and skin-friendly care is provided by cosmetics based on natural active ingredients.

The company offers over 400 top-quality products aimed at both individual customers and professional customers - beauty salons, schools, wellness centres and Wellness & Spa, for which they have prepared a comprehensive line of professional cosmetics. Systematic improvement and meeting the expectations of the market results in constant growth and a rapidly growing group of satisfied customers. Bielenda Professional are proud that they are able to stay ahead of the trends of the domestic cosmetic market, with products that are appreciated by both cosmetologists and their customers. BIELENDA Professional preparations have gained recognition on the cosmetics market and have been honoured with many industry awards.

All cosmetics from the idea to the final product are made at the company's headquarters in Krakow. In the Research and Development Department, a team of creative technologists and cosmetologists, based on the current trends, develops more and more perfect recipes. We make sure that our cosmetics are of the highest quality - effective, efficient and safe, which is why our products are subjected to rigorous research and laboratory tests. The Quality Control Department ensures thorough analysis and control at every stage of product development, and the Microbiology Department supervises the microbiological purity of each production batch.

BIELENDA Professional offers its customers a wide range of products for cosmetic treatments and preparations for daily home care. These cosmetics allow you to maintain an attractive appearance and harmony between the body, spirit and mind.

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