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If you need a hair treatment to reduce grease, increase shine or remove dandruff we'll have something for you. So check out our range to find exactly what you need for beautiful hair.
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DX2 anti hair loss − prevents excessive hair loss* −restores hair roots− strengthens weak hair − dermatologically tested DX2 anti hair loss shampoo contains Pronalen Fibro-ActifTM which extends hair grow phase to prevent hair loss. Properties extending hair vitality had been proven in in vitro assay. Composition is additionally enriched with Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice which activates hair g..
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DX2 shampoo against greying of dark hair - gradually restores hair natural, dark colour - NOT a hair dye - effect after 5 uses* - dermatologically tested DX2 shampoo against greying of dark hair contains plant extracts rich in phytopigments, which when used regularly gradually darken hair and additionally protect hair from adverse effect of sun radiationShampoo also contains active ingredien..
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Struggling with limp, droopy hair? Do you want to add volume to them and reflect them at the roots? Hair Me More shampoo contains natural washing substances that gently but effectively cleanse the scalp. Other active ingredients increase the volume of the hair from the roots.Vegan product. Does not contain ingredients of animal origin. Without silicones. ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Hydrolyzed ric..
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Conditioner Anwen contains up to 5 substances that have the ability to bind and maintain water inside the hair. Natural ingredient of plant origin - Pentavitin provides the hair deep and long-lasting (up to 72 hours) moisturizing as well as Hyaloveil-P®, which builds into the hair structure intensively and moisturizes it in the long term. The effect is enhanced by the aloe juice rich in vitamins a..
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Are you looking for something that will regenerate and nourish your hair and add elasticity? Protein Lychee will be perfect! The ingredients of the conditioner help to emphasize the natural texture of the hair: after use, curls will be more defined, waves will be more pronounced and straight hair will come closer to the surface. Recommended for medium porosity hair. The conditioner contains ..
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Struggling with dandruff and it keeps coming back? No Flake, No Cry shampoo effectively removes the effects and impact of dandruff, cleanses and restores the comfort and functioning of the scalp microbiome. Bar shampoo means less water consumption in production and zero plastic on the packaging. One cube of No Flake, No Cry replaces approx. 3 bottles of shampoo color. Capacity: 75g..
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Extracts from shikakai, Egyptian kolibek, gypsophila and medical soap - thanks to the high content of saponins - help effectively and gently cleanse the scalp. Willow extract and zinc regulate sebum production, so your hair stays fresh longer. Wit. B3 is anti-inflammatory, it also improves skin blood supply, which stimulates hair growth. Betaine provides hydration. The fresh scent of orange with b..
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Does your hair need hydration? Humectant Pear is a conditioner that will do it. Suitable for all hair porosity. In the case of curly or wavy hair, Humectant Pear can emphasize the curl of individual strands. The light formula of the conditioner does not burden the hair. INGREDIENTS: It contains as many as 6 moisturizing ingredients that provide water to the hair shaft:high-molecular polysacc..
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Conditioner Anwen contains up to 5 oils: broccoli, which acts as natural silicone, poppy, pumpkin, radish and safflower, as well as shea butter. The oils and butter rich in appropriate fatty acids have been optimally matched to the needs of high-porous hair *. The power of emollients will make your hair more smooth, shiny and flexible. Pleasant fragrances will make your hair SPA more pleasant. ..
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Application: Botanics Colors Deep Moisturizing Conditioner for dry and brittle hair is a specialist care that will help you maintain the beauty of your hair. Its silky formula contains as much as 97% of ingredients of natural origin and was created specifically for the care of hair with a tendency to dryness and brittleness. Action: The conditioner strengthens and moisturizes the hair, adds mul..
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Application: Botany Colors Deep Moisturizing Conditioner spray will help you preserve the beauty of your hair with the help of argan oil esters, which act as natural silicones - they smooth the hair and protect it from damage. Its light but concentrated formula contains as much as 97% of ingredients of natural origin and was created specifically for the care of dry and brittle hair. Action: The..
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Application: Deep Regenerating Conditioner for damaged hair is a specialist care that will help you maintain the beauty of your hair. Its silky formula contains as much as 97% of ingredients of natural origin and was created specifically for the care of damaged hair that requires regeneration. Action: The conditioner strengthens and nourishes the hair along its entire length and adds multidimen..
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