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Give your hair a healthy shine, reduce split ends or increase hair health with our Hair Oils & Serums

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Thanks to the content of natural oils, butters and beeswax, it cares for and tames unruly ends of hair. Included oils from babassu, elderflower, evening primrose, broccoli, baobab, sacha inchi and pracaxi rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and microelements nourish and smooth the hair. Butter cupuacu, murumuru and mango nourish and improve flexibility. Silicons also create a film on the sur..
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Three optimally matched oils for hair with medium porosity: - almond - plum - camellia nourish and improve the elasticity of hair. The beautiful scent of juicy mango fruits makes using oil even more enjoyable. Ways of use: 1. Apply a larger amount of oil to unwashed or wet hair. Leave for min. 30 minutes, then wash with shampoo as usual. 2. Apply a small amount of oil (1-2 drops) ..
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I am natural (99% ingredients of natural origin according to ISO 16128), nourishing rice oil, designed for oiling dry and damaged hair of any porosity, which needs a solid regeneration, strengthening, shine and smoothing. I have a rich formula and I smell wonderful, so I know that we will be friends for longer. HOW TO USE ME? Spread me over the entire length of dry or damp hair. For low ..
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It gives a silky shine and increases flexibility, minimizing the risk of breaking, and effectively protects the ends against splitting.It contains natural silk proteins that easily penetrate the hair core, smooth the cuticle and rebuild the hair from the inside.The addition of provitamin B5 ensures the proper level of hair hydration and the UV filter protects against the harmful effects of externa..
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Pro-repair 4D™ technology ensures immediate improvement in hair look and condition. Hair Oil 8 in 1 intensely regenerates even very damaged and over-dried hair. Innovative formula rich in advanced active ingredients acting in synergy with argan oil and liquid keratin comprehensively cares hair from the base to the every tip. Effectively rebuilds losses in the structure of damaged, over-dried, colou..
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Thanks to the richness of active ingredients, the serum visibly rebuilds the hair, moisturizes and nourishes it, making it smoother, silky to the touch and full of shine day by day. ..
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Active ingredients:hemp oil, wheat proteins, prebiotic complexEffects:Supports the natural microbiome of the skin, moisturizes and smoothes, strengthens and regenerates, improves the condition of the hair, facilitates combing, gives shine to the hair, protects against external factorsleave to absorb Information: Dermatologically tested..
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Jantar serum is based on an effective recipe and a unique approach to hair care. It is the result of a long tradition of using the unusual properties of amber. The serum provides an instant effect of smooth, soft and easy-to-comb hair. The anti-frizz formula prevents frizz and makes styling easier...
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Farmona Trycho Technology Expert Hair Oil is a specialist hair oil for all types of scalp and hair. In its action, it restores beauty, health and shine to hair. Significantly improves their elasticity and softness. Farmona Trycho Technology Expert Hair Oil is an intensive regeneration and restoration of healthy appearance and shine. Recommended especially for weak, sparse, thin, slow-growing hair ..
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RADICAL® is a real breakthrough in hair care and in the fight against hair loss. It guarantees triple potency: it gently and effectively cleanses the scalp, reduces hair loss and ensures optimal hydration.Recipe designed with the environment in mind - contains 30% less water than regular shampoo. It is concentrated, and therefore more efficient and effective...
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Regenerates even the driest and most damaged ends, reduces fragility and smoothes hair fibers, restoring a healthy softness and shine. With this product, your hair will achieve: Regeneration of damaged areas Stronger ends Nourishing and smoothing A sensual shine Protection against frizzing The wonderfully crystalline texture and pleasant aroma of the serum will make washing a unique ritual..
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lotion with hemp seed extract, herbal extracts - nettle, burdock and calamus, as well as menthol, is recommended for the care of quickly greasy hair that needs effective cleansing, but also proper care regulating sebum production. Herb extracts have a strengthening, toning and anti-seborrhoeic effect, thanks to which they effectively reduce the process of excessive oiliness of the scalp and hair, ..
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