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Shower Gels & Body Wash

Give your body the wash it deserves with our Shower Gels & Body Washes, leaving you feeling fresh throughout the day!

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Comprehensive 3-in-1 shampoo and shower gel has a fresh, manly scent and provides excellent refreshment and cleansing of the hair, face and body. Its specially-designed formula, enriched with hydromanil, a natural moisturizer, as well as nourishing allantoin, soothes irritation and and ensure optimal cleansing and care for all parts of the hair and body...
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Moisturizing shower gel 4 in 1 with a mysterious, masculine scent guarantees delicious refreshment and cleansing of the body, hair and face, including the chin. The precursor formula of the article has hemp seed extract with moisturizing properties and vitamin PP, which has a positive effect on the condition and healthy appearance of the skin and hair...
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Power Men Shower gel with invigorating fragrance offers excellent refreshment and cleansing of the body. Its specially-designed formula contains black pepper and guarana extracts, which have an energizing and stimulating effect...
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Jeju fine-grain gel peeling, based on biodegradable particles - from polylactic acid and cellulose, contains moisturizing glycerin, does not contain surfactants, is easily rinsed off the skin.Action:effectively cleanses the skin of the body, supports the exfoliation of dead epidermis cells, provides a pleasant skin massage.Effect:smooth and soft epidermis, moisturized skin, a feeling of refreshed ..
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Jeju Body soap in the form of a black gel, delicately foams, contains moisturizing glycerin, the look and smell guarantees a sensory applicationAction:gently cleanses, helps to remove impurities and excess sebum, refreshes the skin, does not dry out, leaves a pleasant smell on the skin.Effect:clean skin, moisturized epidermis, a feeling of freshness on the skin.Complexion:EachType:in the showerDir..
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The ziaja Men shower gel and shampoo with soothing allantoin and aloe vera extract as well as a valuable and strengthening vitamin complex cleanses and cares for skin and hair and leaves a lively and refreshed feeling from head to toe...
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The men shower gel from ziaja - a refreshing and moisturising shower gel with beneficial ingredients for a clean and fresh skin feeling: With 95% ingredients of natural origin Contains allantoin, aloe vera extract, provitamin B5, vitamin B6 and vitamin C. Relieves irritation. Regenerates and strengthens the skin Free from gluten and microplastics VeganIngredients (INCI) Aqua (Water)Sodium..
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