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Eye Creams

Keeping the skin around your eyes looking healthy is important, it can show that you're a happy and relaxed person which will improve how people think of you! Our creams are all healthy and will give you that youthful look!

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Vitamin EYE CREAM is a light cosmetic for year-round care of dry and thin skin around the eyes. The cream strongly moisturizes and effectively soothes the skin, reduces the visibility of dark circles under the eyes, revitalizes, improves the appearance and condition of the delicate epidermis, and at the same time does not burden it. Gives the effect of satin smoothness, refreshment and illumina..
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Regenerates and nourishes the delicate skin around the eyes. It has anti-wrinkle properties. Formula based on lipids and squalane. They ensure optimal hydration, smoothing and renewal of the skin. Diamond dust provides natural illumination. Peptides provide support for the skin's defense mechanisms. They facilitate and increase the effectiveness of the skin renewal process. As a result, the skin b..
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The cream optimally moisturizes and strengthens the delicate, thin, mature skin around the eyes. It nicely tones the epidermis and smoothes wrinkles, brightens, reduces the visibility of shadows under the eyes...
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Light eye cream based on orange water with a pleasant, non-greasy consistency, suitable for makeup. Moisturizes, helps to eliminate dark circles and bruises under the eyes, has anti-wrinkle properties. Contains Eyebright for tired eyes. Thanks to the content of specially selected active ingredients, the cream visibly improves the appearance of the skin under the eyes - strongly revitalizes, moi..
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Gel cream that gives an immediate, noticeable effect and a noticeable tension effect. The fast-absorbing formula does not burden the skin. Active ingredients : Tightening Complex, Pullulan, Brightening Peptide, Tetra Vit-C. Action: noticeably tightens the skin around the eyes, smoothes mimic wrinkles, has a revitalizing effect. Use: apply a small amount of cream on the skin of t..
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Recommendations: all skin types, especially dry and sensitive skin, mimic wrinkles and lines, loss of elasticity Active ingredients: PhytoCellTec ™ Alp Rose, biomimetic peptides, Sweet almond oil, vitamin E, lactic acid, allantoin Effects: • illuminates and restores uniform colouring • reduces mimic wrinkles and lines • smoothes and hydrates • fills out wrinkles and fine lines • limits..
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Active ingredients: Chlorella Vulgaris Algae, Powdered Pearl, Vitamin A derived from plant.Application: Smooth over eye area. Allow to absorb.Capacity: 50ml..
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Intended for:mature skin around the eyesActive ingredients:Hyaluronic acid microspheres, Vitamin EAppilaction:Apply over the eye area to finish the treatment.Capacity: 50ml..
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Hydro eye cream with low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. Extremely light, non-overburdening cosmetic designed for the care of the eye area. It has a creamy-gel consistency. Strongly moisturizes the skin and improves the appearance of this area. It contains stimulating and strongly hydrating ingredients that make it have excellent revitalizing and caring properties.Effects: ➔ Deep and strong hyd..
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A concentrated eye cream with a luxurious formula with a wealth of active ingredients. Effect? Brightened, smooth, moisturized skin around the eyes and help in reducing shadows and swelling.ACTION:Caffeine and Ginseng - stimulate microcirculation, help reduce shadows and swelling, anti-oxidant, add vitality to the skin, support renewal.Eyebright - soothes, helps reduce shadows and swelling, b..
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Strongly firming anti-wrinkle eye cream improves the quality of the skin around the eyes, minimizing the effects of aging. The cream firms and revitalizes the mature, thin skin around the eyes. Optimally moisturizes, smoothes and strengthens the skin, reduces the visibility of wrinkles and shadows under the eyes...
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Bielenda Professional Supremelab Barrier Renew Nourishing Eye Cream with Ceramides - a multi-dimensional care cosmetic for this area. Strongly and long-lastingly moisturizes, nourishes and soothes. It helps fight the signs of aging, improves the condition and appearance of the skin around the eyes. The cream consists of active ingredients: - Ceramide complex - Strengthens the skin barrier, support..
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