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Face Masks

Our Face Masks give you the chance to relax and your skin feel comfortable, tight, and look beautiful! All while relaxing in your own home.

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Discover the new generation of BARWA Sulfur Soap with an even better formula:Improved formula featuring niacinamide, fruit acids, and centella that effectively address problematic skin.Sulfur minimizes the visibility of pores, refreshes and mattifies the skin, and regulates its tone.The series includes soaps, toners, cleansing gel, exfoliator, and face creams.In Polish households for over 4..
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Get to know the Molecular Electrolyte Mask, dedicated to all skin types, including sensitive ones. How it works? The mask instantly moisturizes, soothes and restores the skin's vitality and a fresh, rested appearance. Ingredients: vitamin E enclosed in multi-colored microspheres Trehalose molecules that eliminate the feeling of tightness and dryness rich in microelements and silica, refre..
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Get to know the Molecular Niacinamide Mask, dedicated to problematic skin. How it works? The mask reduces imperfections, smoothes, gently mattifies, optimally moisturizes and refreshes, thanks to which the skin regains balance. Ingredients:vitamin E enclosed in multi-colored microspheres niacinamide molecules that fight imperfections, smooth and improve skin tone remineralizing and absorbi..
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A line dedicated to young and problematic skin that requires exceptional care and care to reduce emerging imperfections, restore balance and a healthy appearance. Bioactive beauty molecules stimulate the natural regeneration of the skin. The power and energy of nature supported by the achievements of science. BEAUTY MOLECULES Highly active preparations with beauty molecules and complexes of ..
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Product descriptionThe GREEN TEA 2in1 mask with loofah peeling is the INSTANT version of care for all skin types, especially impure. Capacity: 8 gActionProvide the skin with daily DETOX thanks to the natural active ingredients enclosed in the 2-in-1 hydro-gel mask formula with loofah peeling.GREEN TEA EXTRACT - a source of polyphenols, vitamins and mineral salts, has strong antioxidant and antibac..
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Intended for:All skin types, including tired, hypoxic skin with the first signs of aging and fine wrinkles. Problematic, mixed, oily, capillary, sensitive, dry, dehydrated skin.Active ingredients:Ginko Biloba, Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Elastin, Squalane, Hemp Oil, Rosemary Extract, Hyaluronic AcidAction:- moisturizes- strongly nourishes- regenerates, soothes irritations- strengthens and ..
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The mask has a creamy gel consistency. Soothes the skin and soothes irritations, reduces the feeling of heat on the skin, gives immediate relief, strengthens the skin barrier, moisturizes and regenerates, restores the feeling of comfort, reduces redness. Intended for: irritated, reddened skin, after microneedle, oxygen and needleless mesotherapy treatments, after chemical peels, after radiofreq..
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BIELENDA PROFESSIONAL ALOE ALGAE MASKFor every type of skin that needs regeneration, especially problematic skin and acne. Capcity: 190g Treatment Improves skin’s immunological defence: – increases tautness and elasticity – clearly visible lifting effect – soothes inflammation – helps in the treatment of seborrheic skin and acne – ensures long-lasting moisturization – revitaliz..
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Indications: oily and mixed skin with acne problems Treatment – antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties – deeply purifies the skin and sebaceous glands unclogging the pores – reduces reddishness and soothes skin irritations – refines pores, strengthens, firms and smoothes the skin Active Ingredients green clay white clay willow bark extract green tea extract grape..
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Intended for: damaged skin with visible effects of photoaging. Active ingredients: Alginate, Glucose, Acai berry extract. Action: elimination of free radicals rejuvenation skin becomes illuminated and more elastic...
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Bowl for algae masks..
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For dry skin lacking elasticity Active ingredients: Collagen, Vitamin E in microcapsules, Alginate (100% brown algaeextract) • Firms and smoothens fine lines • Enhances collagen production • Moisturizes and regenerates the skin Volume: 190g..
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