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Breast Skin Care

Breasts can become tender, swollen, and irritated during and after pregnancy, our breast care products are designed to help with the feel and look of your breasts, reducing stretch marks and rejuvenating the skin

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Body care preparationsBODY ProgramEffect:- moisturizing- anti-aging- nutrition- flexibilityAction:- regenerates- reduces the visibility of stretch marks- antioxidant effect- anti-agingUse:Apply the balm to the whole body or parts of the body to be treated. Massage into skin until absorbed. Do not fumble.Warning! The product is also recommended for breastsIntended for:All skin types, including skin..
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Dry multipurpose wipes made of cotton, 100% biodegradable ideal for make-up or facial masks removal or for drying up the face after washing, particularly for sensitive and allergy or acne prone skin. They can also be used both dry and wet.15 cm x 20 cm50 pcs..
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Dry cotton wipes ideal for make-up or facial masks removal Particularly for sensitive and allergy or acne prone skin. 100% biodegradable15 cm x 20 cm 50pcs..
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