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Keep your hair clean with our fantastic Polish Shampoos

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DX2 anti hair loss − prevents excessive hair loss* −restores hair roots− strengthens weak hair − dermatologically tested DX2 anti hair loss shampoo contains Pronalen Fibro-ActifTM which extends hair grow phase to prevent hair loss. Properties extending hair vitality had been proven in in vitro assay. Composition is additionally enriched with Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice which activates hair g..
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DX2 shampoo against greying of dark hair - gradually restores hair natural, dark colour - NOT a hair dye - effect after 5 uses* - dermatologically tested DX2 shampoo against greying of dark hair contains plant extracts rich in phytopigments, which when used regularly gradually darken hair and additionally protect hair from adverse effect of sun radiationShampoo also contains active ingredien..
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Struggling with limp, droopy hair? Do you want to add volume to them and reflect them at the roots? Hair Me More shampoo contains natural washing substances that gently but effectively cleanse the scalp. Other active ingredients increase the volume of the hair from the roots.Vegan product. Does not contain ingredients of animal origin. Without silicones. ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Hydrolyzed ric..
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Extracts from shikakai, Egyptian kolibek, gypsophila and medical soap - thanks to the high content of saponins - help effectively and gently cleanse the scalp. Willow extract and zinc regulate sebum production, so your hair stays fresh longer. Wit. B3 is anti-inflammatory, it also improves skin blood supply, which stimulates hair growth. Betaine provides hydration. The fresh scent of orange with b..
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​Application: Moisturizing and Strengthening Botany Colors Shampoo is dedicated to dry and brittle hair. Specialist care that will allow you to restore the beauty of your hair. Its delicate washing base and mild formula containing as much as 86% of ingredients of natural origin was created especially for gentle washing of hair with a tendency to breakage and dryness. Action: The shampoo intensi..
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Application: Barwy Botaniki Regenerating and Nourishing Shampoo is dedicated to damaged hair. Its delicate washing base and mild formula containing as much as 98% ingredients of natural origin were created especially for gentle washing of damaged hair that requires regeneration. Action: The regenerating shampoo intensively cares for the hair fiber, and the biotin, bioflavonoids and vitamin E co..
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Szampon rumiankowy do włosów z serii Barwa Ziołowa do włosów jasnych, którego receptura została oparta na tradycyjnych formułach szamponów ziołowych, znanych i stosowanych od pokoleń. Zastosowanie: Szampon ziołowy do codziennego stosowania. Działanie: Szampon z ekstraktem z rumianku przeznaczony jest do pielęgnacji włosów jasnych. Regularne stosowanie sprawia, że włosy stają się zdrowe, mocn..
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Application: Five Herbs Balancing Shampoo is intended for normal and oily hair. It cleanses the scalp more strongly, does not burden the hair, provides the scalp with substances that help regulate the secretion of sebum.Action: The Balancing Shampoo is enriched with the most modern active ingredients with proven effects on the hair. 5 herbs: nettle, field horsetail, chamomile, sage, purge - multid..
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Application: Five Herbs Moisturizing Shampoo is intended for dry and damaged hair. The shampoo gently cleanses the scalp - does not affect the protective barrier, gives the hair a dose of hydration. Action: Five Herbs shampoo deeply moisturizes and leaves the hair nourished and strengthened. 5 herbs: nettle, field horsetail, chamomile, sage, purge - multidimensional strengthening, nourishing, m..
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Hair loss shampoo with horsetail extract regenerates damaged hair and prevents its weakening. The cosmetic effectively cleanses the hair and scalp. When used regularly, it improves the condition of the strands, strengthens them, gives softness and facilitates detangling...
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A crystal clear shampoo with natural black turnip extract, designed for the care of weakened hair and dandruff. The power of nourishing ingredients rebuilds and strengthens the condition of the hair and prevents the appearance of dandruff. Regular use makes the hair healthy, strong, silky smooth and shiny...
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The Black Turnip hair shampoo from the Barwa Ziołowa series is intended for weakened strands prone to dandruff.  The cosmetic effectively cleanses the hair and scalp. Regular use of the shampoo improves the  condition of the hair, making it smooth and soft...
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