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Suntan Accelerator

Buy our amazing Suntan Accelerators that will help you look amazing while keeping your skin healthy!

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BIKINI Double Phase Super Suntan Accelerator SPF6, 150ml Your holiday must-have Dreaming of a silky smooth tanned skin?  How about getting your tan in less time while lying in the sun or using a sunbed? Shop for Bikini 2 Phase Suntan Accelerator with a low protection factor to increase the tanning intensity and care for your skin at the same time.  Packed with ingredients which boost m..
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The velvety formula spreads perfectly over the entire body, allowing for precise and even application, which minimizes the formation of streaks, streaks or stains. The tan effect is visible after just 1 application and lasts up to several days*. Thanks to the content of natural oils, e.g. coconut and babassu as well as regenerating shea and cocoa butters, the balm perfectly moisturizes and nour..
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Systematic use gradually darkens the skin tone, browns it and gives a healthy golden color. The formula of the mist combines ingredients that help improve skin tone, such as carrot seed oil and walnut shell extract, with the nourishing power of hyaluronic acid, trehalose, betaine and natural orange extract. The mist is quickly absorbed, and the friendly formula facilitates even application, preven..
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JANTAR Sun is an innovative, 100% vegan, effective moisturizing formula that preserves the tan and gives it a beautiful golden shine.Moisturizing & illuminating booster:TURMERIC EXTRACT - enhances tan and soothes the skin ALGAE - improve firmness2% BETAINE - strengthens the protective barrier MINERAL BOOSTER ( Mg, Zn, Mn, Ca )  - maintains proper skin hydration, level GOLD ..
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Vegan moisturizing formula with organic coconut water and 100% natural DHA. The unique oil formula makes the skin silky soft and smooth. Perfect for gradual tan.HOW TO USE:Spread the oil on the skin. It is important that it is applied precisely and evenly. After 6-12 hours, you can apply another layer if the effect is too delicate. Wash your hands after use.INCI 220817 Ingredients/Ingre..
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