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Keep your teeth sparkling, shining, and healthy with our Toothpastes. The whitest teeth give the most beautiful smile!

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For whom Toothpaste recommended for people who have problems with bad breath, mainly due to weakness and inflammation of the gums. How it's working Provides long-lasting fresh breath Effectively removes accumulated plaque from the surface of the teeth It has antibacterial properties while strengthening the gums With regular use, it helps whiten your teethActive ingredients and their effe..
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For whom Designed to instantly whiten your teeth with a practical brush. How it's working removes organic stains from the surface of the teeth thanks tothe oxidative method helps to restore the natural whiteness of the teethActive ingredients and their action Phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid - works on an oxidative basis, whitening discoloration of tooth enamel.What makes it unique: Sho..
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For whom Pregnancy and breastfeeding can lead to certain oral problems, including gum irritation and an increased risk of tooth decay. Toothpaste: for pregnant and lactating women provides comprehensive oral care.How it's working regenerates and moisturizes the gums protects tooth enamel prevents the accumulation of plaque and the formation of cavities helps maintain the natural pH of sal..
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For whom It is intended for people with symptoms of periodontitis and problems with irritated, weakened, inflamed or bleeding gums. How it's working helps reduce gum bleeding strengthens the gums and soothes inflammation relieves the symptoms of periodontitis reduces gum sensitivity removes dental plaque naturally brightens the enamelActive ingredients and their effectsGrape extract ..
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For whomCreated for teeth whitening at home, using professional methods used in dental offices. How it's workingRemoves everyday tooth enamel stains caused by food, drinks or smoking. It allows you to achieve the effect of brighter and whiter teeth, which lasts for about a few months. The whitening treatment lasts 10 days, and the visible effect can be observed after 5 days. Safe for gums and..
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For whom Suitable for people who are looking for a natural fluoride-free toothpaste with a delicate fresh taste. Green tea helps in detoxifying the oral cavity and eliminating toxins that have a bad effect on our breath. How it's working provides a gentle, fresh breath has antibacterial properties helps prevent cavities gives the feeling of smooth and clean teethActive ingredients and th..
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For whom Designed for people looking for quick and effective teeth whitening in the privacy of their home. HAP-PAP-HA oxidative formula and unique overlays for individual adjustment to the teeth. How it's working Removal of organic impurities from the tooth surface and tooth enamel based on a modern oxidative formula (HAP-PAP-HA). The toothpaste remineralizes the enamel and protects agains..
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For whomFor smokers or those who have quit smoking and have tobacco stains on their teeth and smoker's breath. Tobacco causes dark plaque to form on the surface of your teeth and makes them yellow. Herbal extracts with a strong flavor help get rid of smoker's breath. How it's working removes "smoker's breath" and helps to keep fresh breath for longer comprehensively cares for teeth and gums..
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For whom  Designed for those who prefer natural ingredients that have a positive effect on tooth enamel. The synergistic effect of coconut oil, xylitol and fluoride helps to prevent cavities.How it's working Protects against demineralization of tooth enamel Helps prevent the formation of cavities Helps maintain the natural pH in the mouth It protects against bacteria that cause cavities ..
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For whom Designed for everyday use, it gently removes impurities and gives shine, covering the enamel with particles of crystal white. Provides long-lasting fresh breath. How it's working Enzymatic whitening restores the natural whiteness of the teeth effectively removes accumulated plaque from the surface of the teeth has antibacterial properties helps to regenerate the gumsActive ingre..
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For whom Suitable for people who have deeper discoloration of tooth enamel caused by the consumption of coffee, tea and stained food, but want a white smile. Thanks to the very low abrasion index RDA 13, the toothpaste gently cleans teeth without scratching the enamel. How it's working naturally whitens teeth for a noticeably whiter smile removes deeper discolorations from tooth enamel stre..
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For whom Designed primarily for people who regularly drink coffee, tea or red wine. How it's workingremoves discoloration on tooth enamel protects gums and strengthens tooth enamel suitable for use with sonic brushes thanks to the low abrasion index (RDA 11) helps to maintain the natural microflora in the oral cavity ensures long-lasting fresh breathActive ingredients and their effects ..
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