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Hair treatment

Get treatment for most common Hair conditions, from dandruff to hair loss

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Hair wrap that increases the effectiveness of care cosmetics. Thanks to excellent thermal insulation, it ensures constant temperature during hair treatments - masks, conditioners and oils show more effective and more intense activity. The excellent thermal insulation provided by the material, allows you to make a hair sauna in the comfort of your own home. An elevated temperature causes op..
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clean, moisturized and light hairnoticeable reduction in oily scalpsilky soft and delicate to the touchprolonged feeling of freshness and cleanlinessHow to use: apply the rinse to wet hair and scalp. Do not rinse. Dry or let your hair dry...
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Jantar enzyme powder is based on an effective recipe and a unique approach to hair care. It is the result of a long tradition of using the unusual properties of amber and the detoxifying power of activated carbon. The powder peels and thoroughly cleanses the scalp and hair, helps to remove excess keratinized epidermis and restores the physiological balance. As a result, it prepares the skin for be..
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Ampoule treatment for very dry and weak hair.Strength and healthy look of your hair from first application!Advanced treatment formula in ampoules, based on long tradition of using unique properties of amber.Indications:Severely damaged hair, requiring regeneration, without shine...
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Restore beautiful look and strength of your hair! Jantar ampoule treatment is based on a verified and effective formula. It is a result of a long tradition of using the unique properties of amber. Confirmed results: Stronger hair follicles, nourished, regenerated and thicker hair, restored vitality, natural shine and beautiful look Closer to nature: 90% natural ingedients ..
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A PROVEN WAY FOR BEAUTIFUL, STRONG AND HEALTHY HAIR. A comprehensive line for washing and care of hair and scalp, a specialist in the field of strengthening and caring for all types of hair. A wide range of products, through precisely developed, concentrated recipes and appropriately selected active ingredients with proven effect, provides comprehensive, specialized care and allows you to select t..
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Regenerating lamination treatment for dry and brittle hair is a home treatment for hair with triple-action power, to be carried out in two simple steps.Feeling strengthens, moisturizes and regenerates, effectively protects against breaking and split ends and restores a healthy look to the hair.RADICAL® is a real breakthrough in the care and fight against hair loss. Horsetail extract strengthens th..
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Visibly strengthens the hair, protects the color intensity, prevents it from fading and rinsing, smoothes and adds shine.RADICAL® is a real breakthrough in hair care and the fight against hair loss. It guarantees triple power of action: visibly strengthens the hair, protects the color intensity, prevents fading and washing out...
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FARMONA RADICAL Strengthening anti-hair loss treatment in ampoules, 15 ml x 5
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Radical is a true breakthrough in the struggle against falling out hair. It guarantees triple action: it visibly strengthens hair, extends the life cycle of the hair, effectively reducing hair loss and thinning and stimulates the growth of new hair.Its intelligent formula based on the synergistic action of specially selected highly concentrated active ingredients ensures spectacular strengthening ..
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RADICAL triple-action anti-thinning strengthening conditioner effectively reduces hair loss while stimulating new hair growth and restoring desired thickness and volume.*It guarantees triple action: nourishes and strengthens hair, increases hair thickness and gives hairstyle volume.Its intelligent formula based on the synergistic action of carefully selected and highly concentrated active ingredie..
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Trichology is a science that deals with the removal of problems related to the scalpand hair, as well as broadly understood care aimed at improving the quality of the scalp and hair.Using our knowledge and many years of experience, we have created a new, extremely effective line of trichological products that will allow you to regain healthy and beautiful hair.Our Trichological hair growth acceler..
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Radical Med Anti Hair Loss Ampoule Treatment for WomenA specialist new generation product for weakened and falling out hair. A specially composed, original formula, rich in extremely strong, highly concentrated and innovative active substances - Horsetail extract, Pro-Hair Booster 4H, Trichogen, NutriPlus Provitamin B5, Inutec - provides a strong and multilevel effect by eliminating the ..
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