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Our Face Oils & Serums will leave your face feeling beautiful, whether you want to tighten your skin or moisturise we've got you sorted. We have oils and serums for oily or dry skin so we can give you the exact product you need!

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REGENERUM face regenerating serum even for very dry and sensitive skin Intensively moisturizes and nourishes the skin, accelerating the regeneration and providing immediate smoothing effect. transparent structure, which works like a compress, accelerates the regeneration of the cells immediately smoothes out the surface of the skin intensively moisturizes and nourishes even a very dry s..
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Sulfur spot serum for use on face and body skin. Reduces the risk of development of acne bacteria and activates the natural regeneration process. It restores the natural bacterial flora and does not irritate the epidermis. Application: Serum for topical use on acne. Action: Anti-acne Sulfur Serum allows you to quickly improve the condition of the skin by activating natural regeneration proce..
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Extremely light, gel formula absorbs quickly and does not leave greasy film. Extends durability of makeup. Skin regains a feeling of comfort, moisture and freshness. Aloe leaf juice moisturises, soothes and alleviates irritations. Hyaluronic acid deeply moisturises, hydrates and firms the skin. Contains matcha extract, rich in antioxidants, which prevents skin ageing processes. Additionally, it..
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Quick, simple makeup removal and skin nourishment in one! The cleansing oil perfectly dissolves make-up, deeply cleanses the skin from impurities and excess sebum, at the same time does not affect the natural pH of the skin and moisturises, refreshes and smoothes. Matcha extract, rich in antioxidant components, prevents skin ageing processes. Additionally, it supports regeneration of skin exposed ..
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Innovative two-phase serum intensively moisturizes thanks to the content of hyaluronic acid and apricot kernel oil. Restores shine, elasticity and a sense of comfort. Thanks to the light formula, it is easily and quickly absorbed without burdening the skin.As much as 99% of ingredients of natural origin. Product suitable for vegans. Composition developed in line with the Clean Beauty trend.The pro..
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The serum is perfectly absorbed, strongly moisturizes and refreshes the skin. It eliminates the unpleasant feeling of chapping and tightening of the epidermis, smoothes the skin, regenerates it, restores its beautiful, natural appearance. The serum has been enriched with ILLUMINATING PEARL Spherical BALLS that give the skin a beautiful GLOW effect! OUR ORIGINAL BEAUTY COMPLEX consists of: ..
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The gel is perfectly absorbed, strongly moisturizes and soothes the skin. It eliminates the unpleasant feeling of chapping and tightening of the epidermis, soothes irritations, restores the skin's beautiful, natural appearance. WHICH CONTAINS? OUR ORIGINAL BEAUTY COMPLEX, which consists of: VITAMIN B12 - a vitamin of natural origin with a beautiful pink color, which helps to soothe sensitive..
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The serum is a concentrated dose of 100% vegan soothing ingredients, rehydrating and reducing reactivity. Its base is skin regenerating rose water. Each complexion has its own needs, if yours is irritated, dry and red, this serum will be perfect for it. It will quickly restore her comfort and healthy appearance. Cica - like nothing else, can take care of sensitive skin and bring it rel..
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The DRINK ME UP serum is a concentrated dose of 100% vegan hydrating, conditioning and smoothing ingredients. Its base is moisturizing, isotonic coconut water, and the rest of the ingredients are pure poetry.What is inside?  vitamins B5, C, E, PP - a real vitamin bomb, energizing the skin like an injection of positive energy. adaptogens from basil - stimulate immunity and restore skin balanc..
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Bielenda Beauty CEO Matt Me Now Normalising Serum for All Skin Types (30ml) contains a concentrated dose of 100% vegan, balancing, hydrating and revitalising ingredients which instantly refreshes and promotes a healthy appearance in all skin types but especially those with problematic skin which is prone to shine and visibly enlarged pores. Enriched with nourishing Orange Water and Niacinamide,..
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Molecular electrolyte serum shot, dedicated to all skin types, including sensitive skin. How it works? The serum increases the level of skin hydration, reduces dryness, soothes, brightens and brings an immediate feeling of refreshment. Ingredients:vitamin E enclosed in multi-colored microspheres rich in microelements and silica, refreshing and remineralizing thermal water smoothing,soothin..
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What's inside it? vitamin E enclosed in multi-colored microspheres fighting imperfections, smoothing and helping to improve the color of the niacinamide molecule protecting the epidermis against excessive water loss and eliminating the feeling of tightening the ectoine molecule astringent, smoothing and regulating the work of sebaceous glands zinc molecules PCA leveling the skin tone, ..
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