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Our hair dyes are perfect whether you want a long or short term change or if you just want a touch up. We also have natural and unnatural colours as well as professional oxidizer.
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Honey Hair shampoo is intended for the care of normal and dry hair. Action: Honey Hair shampoo, thanks to the content of honey, propolis and royal jelly, will moisturize the hair and soothe the scalp. Honey for hair and scalp has a nourishing and regenerating effect, provides them with a powerful portion of vitamins, acids and antioxidants. Royal jelly contains proteins, carbohydrates and vitam..
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Gently and thoroughly removes hair dye stains left on the skin after hair colouring. Safe for skin, dermatologically tested. Apply the liquid on a cotton pad, then carefully wipe the dirty places several times. After removing the dirt, wash the skin with water...
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For complete colour removal from colour-treated hair without damaging its natural pigment. It can be used to completely remove the colour or just to slightly correct it; you can dye your hair again immediately after the treatment. Mild formula – does not contain ammonia or hydrogen peroxide...
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It gives a delicate, pastel pink shade to blond hair, strenghtens and refreshes the colour of previously dyed hair. It protects the color of the hair, prevents its tarnishing and gives it bounce and shine. The colour result depends on the initial hair colour, its condition and time of application. To intensify the effect it is recommended to use it together with the Prosalon Pink..
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It allows to get a cold pastel – pink colour on blond and light blond hair, while it gives a delicate, raspberry glow to darker and unbleached hair. It gives an immediate but washable effect. The intensity of the colour increases after each use of the shampoo. To intensify the effect it is recommended to use it together with the Prosalon Pink Blonde mask. The amount of the shamp..
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Prosalon series includes products intended for use in hairdressing salons - professionally caring for and styling hair. Regenerating hair mask with keratin - milk and honey - perfect for the care of all types of hair, especially damaged hair and hair after coloring. Due to the presence of milk proteins and honey extract, it has a strong regenerating and conditioning effect. The keratin contained i..
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Gets rid of undesirable yellow tones from bleaching or colouring, brings a gentle silver-ash shade to grey hair. Thanks to silk proteins, the hair is rebuilt, smooth, and moisturized. Additional bamboo extract to prevent loss of colour and hair ageing. Apply a small amount of shampoo on damp hair, massage until foam is formed. Leave on the hair for a few minutes and then rins..
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Rich in polyphenols and vitamins, tsubaki oil is a strong antioxidant that prevents skin and hair ageing. The amino-complex penetrates the hair cortex, filling and rebuilding the structure, leaving the hair smooth and supple again. By deeply moisturizing the hair and filling in cavities, hyaluronic acid brings an immediate effect of healthy, shiny hair surface. Spread a small ..
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A mild leave-in spray for damp or dry hair. The light formula does not weight down the hair. Enriched with hyaluronic acid, which effectively moisturises dry and frizzling hair and prevents moisture loss during the day. The UV filter protects the hair from harmful external factors and the colour from fading and dulling. Shake well before use to obtain a liquid with a uniform c..
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Pigments neutralize the undesirable yellow tones from bleaching or colouring and bring a gentle silver-ash shade to grey hair. Contains mango extract for increased hair softness and shine. The silk proteins contained in the formula strengthen, moisturize, and protect the hair from the inside. Apply a small amount of conditioner on washed, wet hair, massage it in, wait a coupl..
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Rich in silk proteins, it repairs the hair from the inside and smooths the cuticle. Brings a light silver-ash tone to grey hair and gets rid of undesirable yellow tint from bleaching or colouring. Bamboo extract prevents colour loss and hair ageing. Apply a small amount of shampoo on damp hair, massage until foam is formed. Leave on the hair for a few minutes and then rinse t..
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Effectively improves the appearance and condition of colored hair and with highlights.RADICAL® is a real breakthrough in hair care and the fight against hair loss. It guarantees triple power of action: visibly strengthens the hair, protects the color intensity, prevents fading and washing out...
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