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At PAESE, we believe that you deserve to be taken care of. That's why we are passionate about creating colour cosmetics, that take care of your skin. Makeup is one of those moments that you can devote only to yourself. Let our cosmetics take care of you and your skin will get its glow back.
We are PAESE, a Polish cosmetic brand loved by women in over 50 countries around the world. At PAESE, the most important thing is the health of your skin, which is why we create unique cosmetics that always combine makeup with skincare. Our products will naturally enhance your beauty and deeply nourish your skin.
You will find precious oils, plant extracts, and active ingredients in our cosmetic formulas. They all guarantee the effect of a healthy, fresh, and radiant complexion, and you...just enjoy beautiful, glowy skin!

We have our own production facility and laboratory to create advanced cosmetics of the highest quality. Their effectiveness is confirmed by the research of independent institutes. We control every stage of production, so we are confident that we know everything about our products. Our excellent team of technologists ensures the highest quality and effectiveness of our cosmetics every day. Thanks to carefully selected ingredients, combining nature with technology, and in cooperation with scientific institutions, we create formulas that obtain international patents.

We know how precious your time is, so we share our knowledge, the latest trends, and simple tricks with you so that you can subtly highlight your beauty in a few moments.

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INCLUDES:- Paese indian summer II eyeshadow palette - Paese Liloosh mascara- Jfenzi Yes women roll-on perfume..
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Every day, from the 24th to the 31st of December, uncover a new product and enjoy it for the whole year:Hydrobase under make-up - will successfully replace day cream and under makeup base. Store in the fridge - the cool base is great for refreshing the complexion and reducing puffiness. Vegan and gluten-free.The Dreamily palette - contains eight eyeshadows with a carefully selected range of colors..
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A powerful lightweight moisturising formula that instantly moisturises the skin. The cream improves skin's tone and brings out its natural radiance. Light-diffusing pigments give the skin a beautiful glow. It contains eight active ingredients that comprehensively care for the skin:Vegan colagen – moisturizes, improves skin tone, and reduces fine linesBetaine – derived from beet, i..
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G L O W E F F E C T2-in-1: a unique combination of a cream and a make-up base: skin care and make-up fixation in one go.P A C K A G I N GDesign imitates a Christmas tree bauble.Subtle design, wrapped up in an elegant burgundy colour. Minimalistic ornamentation.HYDROBASE UNDER MAKE-UP 15 mlA C T I O N• 2-in-1 effect – a combination of a moisturizing cream and a make-up base• moisturizes, stren..
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G L O W E F F E C TSensual glow effect.Spectacularly raised eyelashes, beautiful skin.P A C K A G I N GDesign imitates a Christmas tree bauble.Minimalistic print in winter colors.Delicate ornaments.CHEEKY MASCARA 9 mlA C T I O N• lightweight, gel formula enables to build up the effect by application of multiple coats• innovative and strategic brush provides an instant curling effect and spectacula..
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This natural lip scrub will smooth your lips and make them moisturized and soft to the touch.All this is due to apricot kernels and natural oils and butters.Lip Scrub Balm is our reliable way to clean lips!We know that properly moisturized and prepared lips are a guarantee of successful makeup. Unfortunately, due to the use of matting lipsticks and bad weather conditions, the lips quickly dry out ..
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Provides full coverage and a natural effect. Currently, there are no foundations known on the market that have such attractive properties, including those that reduce redness of the skin with intensive hydration.Thanks to formula rich in active ingredients, and innovative technology foundation prevents water evaporation, increases hydration of the stratum corneum as a result of reduced t..
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G L O W E F F E C T Immediate glow effect.Elegance and sophistication.Panoramic lash volume, intense face illumination.P A C K A G I N GDesign imitates a Christmas tree bauble.Elegant and subtle design, wrapped up in an elegant burgundy colour.Minimalistic ornamentation.LILOOSH MASCARA 10,5 mlA C T I O N• unique wavy nylon brush fibers reach even the smallest lashes, making them thicker..
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PAESE Mattologie lipstick 100 Naked 4.3 g PAESE Mattologie lipstick 100 Naked 4.3 g
more Shades
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Long-lasting matte lipstick. Made with over 50% natural ingredients that have anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties.How to release the glow and at the same time perfectly take care of your lips? There are several ways to do this. One that we've checked is the choice of matte lipstick from Paese. Our Mattologie is a unique lipstick that has a moisturizing effect, perfectly covers, and has a..
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The blush will add an instant flush of colour to your complexion and the illuminating powder will give it a healthy, fresh glow that will last all day...
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B E A U T I F U L E Y EA perfect duet of the brand’s best-sellers: a smoothingunder eye powder and a universal eyeshadow palette.Instant embellishment.P A C K A G I N GDesign imitates a Christmas tree bauble.Subtle design with delicate ornaments.Minimalistic print, wrapped up in classic Christmas gold.PUFF CLOUD UNDER EYE POWDER 5,3 gA C T I O N• extends the durability of the eyeshadows• refl..
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