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FARMONA Natural Cosmetics Laboratory manufacture high-quality cosmetic products that meet functional and aesthetic expectations using environmentally safe technologies. They carry out this task based on their main area of ​​activity, which is the creation and sale of cosmetics.

Because they have their own research and development laboratory , conducting research and monitoring market trends, the company is constantly looking for new formulas and active ingredients that will meet the needs of even the most demanding customers.

The basis of all products of the Farmona Natural Cosmetics Laboratory are natural active ingredients, standardized extracts with a high degree of ecological purity - in optimal concentrations to ensure effectiveness and safety of use.

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Discover the secret of the Far East, the power of Asian mushroom extracts contained in innovative recipes. Recommended for dehydrated and sensitive skin.  Bio - recipe, i.e. provide your skin with what it needs the most:- shiitake mushroom extract improves hydration, firms and tones the skin- rice oil contains antioxidants that counteract free radicals, firms, smoothes and nourishes the ..
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Using natural active components, the unique, rich formula effectively improves the condition of the skin, making it look beautiful and young much longer.Coral, sea silk and Shea butter supply oxygen to the skin cells, improving its suppleness and elasticity and rejuvenating the features. Hydromanil® and vitamin E provide powerful, immediate, lasting moisturising effects and remove fine wrinkles, l..
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Massage onto cleansed face, neck and décolleté. Use as a night cream...
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Extremely gentle, silky facial wash gel thoroughly cleanses the skin of all impurities without causing its desiccation.Rich, specially designed formula, by using the highest quality active ingredients and delicate, plant washing substances provides effective action:– gently and thoroughly cleanses the skin, providing maximum comfort,– perfectly moisturises and smoothes,– does not dry or irritate t..
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CLEANSING MILK – Lotion with a delicate, creamy texture perfectly removes make-up and all impurities without affecting the lipid layer of the epidermis.Rich, specially designed formula, by using the highest quality active ingredients provides effective action:– thoroughly cleanses the skin, removing makeup and impurities,– leaves an immediate feeling of freshness, serenity and intense moisturizing..
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GENTLE TONIC without alcohol cleanses, refreshes and tones the skin, restoring its natural pH.Rich, specially designed formula, by using the highest quality active ingredients provides effective action:– perfectly cleanses and tones the skin, restoring its proper pH,– deeply moisturizes and soothes irritations, removing skin tension,– leaves a pleasant sensation of freshness and refreshment,– make..
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MICELLAR LIQUID  thoroughly removes makeup and cleanses the skin without disturbing its natural balance.A rich, specially developed formula, thanks to the use of the highest quality active ingredients and micelles, guarantees effective operation:– thoroughly cleanses and refreshes the skin, restoring its proper pH– odorless and non-alcoholic formula ensures safe use even with the most sensiti..
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Antibacterial toner for the daily care of acne, greasy and mixed skin with a tendency to be shiny and to form blackheads.Excellently purifies, refreshes and tones the skin, bringing back its proper pH.Removes excess oil from the surface of the skin and regulates activity  of the sebaceous glands, giving the skin a matt look...
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It mattes and effectively prevents the skin from shining, prevents excessive secretion of sebum, reduces acne, reduces irritation and redness, improves skin condition and colour, protects against the harmful effects of UV rays, keeps the skin fresh and velvety smooth to the touch throughout the day ...
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White clay reduces the secretion of sebaceous glands, dries acne and has wound-healing, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Aloe extract accelerates the regeneration process, normalizes the level of moisture in the cells and enhances their moisture retention capacity. ANA and VNA acids exfoliate dead cells, even out the relief and tone of the face, remove postacne. Green clay removes t..
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Apply in the morning, massage onto face, neck and décolleté. Can be used as a base for cosmetics...
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