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FARMONA Natural Cosmetics Laboratory manufacture high-quality cosmetic products that meet functional and aesthetic expectations using environmentally safe technologies. They carry out this task based on their main area of ​​activity, which is the creation and sale of cosmetics.

Because they have their own research and development laboratory , conducting research and monitoring market trends, the company is constantly looking for new formulas and active ingredients that will meet the needs of even the most demanding customers.

The basis of all products of the Farmona Natural Cosmetics Laboratory are natural active ingredients, standardized extracts with a high degree of ecological purity - in optimal concentrations to ensure effectiveness and safety of use.

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A gift set containing 4 types of hand creams: - Protective cream with ceramides 50ml - Moisturizing cream with hyaluronic acid 50ml - Nourishing cream with Shea butter 50ml - Regenerating cream with beeswax 50ml..
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FIRST KISS from the FORGET ME NOT line is unforgettable notes of sweetness, emotions and beautiful memories. Discover the natural, created with passion, unique body serum with regenerating properties that provides holistic care and improves your mood. Fragrance notes:geranium, rose, musk Advantages: 100% VEGE 96% ingredients of natural origin Motto: This is your moment of relaxation...
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Green Menu is the perfect diet for your skin! Carefully selected Super Foods will quench your thirst and feed you with natural and super effective ingredients. A nourishing cocktail cream with green parsley and avocado will make your skin perfectly nourished, smooth, radiant and supple.Active ingredients:parsley, avocado, coconut water, a shot of mineralsEffects:Parsley - nourishes your complexion..
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Green Menu is the perfect diet for your skin! Carefully selected Super Foods will quench your thirst and feed you with natural and super effective ingredients. Smoothing smoothie cream with spinach and soy will make your skin instantly nourished, moisturized, smooth and velvety to the touch.Active ingredients:spinach, soybeans, coconut water, a shot of mineralsEffects:Spinach - smoothes, firms and..
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TONING SHAMPOO RESTORING THE OPTIMAL PH OF THE SCALP. Jantar toning shampoo perfectly cleanses the hair and restores the optimal pH to the scalp. The modern formula provides the hair with long-lasting freshness and increases their volume.amber - cares for hair, giving it shine orange extract - refreshes the hair and tones the scalp inulin and betaine - make the hair properly moisturized and smoo..
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Multifunctional, gentle foam shampoo is a professional product for everyday washing and care of artificial and natural eyelashes, eyebrows and face. Innovative, bio formula, rich in the highest quality ingredients, perfectly cleanses and moisturizes. It makes the hair visibly stronger, and the extended eyelashes keep their beautiful look for longer. Vegan recipe, contains up to 96% ingredients ..
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Multifunctional treatment for eyebrows and eyelashes is an innovative product with triple potency. The innovative formula, rich in the highest quality ingredients, has a strong nourishing, regenerating and strengthening effect. Perfectly thickens and thickens eyelashes and eyebrows and stimulates their growth. Thanks to regular use, it improves the condition and deepens the color, restoring a n..
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 concentrated eyelash serum is a specialized product with a triple potency. The innovative formula, rich in the highest quality ingredients, lengthens, thickens and thickens eyelashes. At the same time, it perfectly moisturizes, nourishes, regenerates and deepens the natural color, visibly improving the condition and appearance of eyelashes. Makes eyelashes visibly stronger, more resistant to..
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A SENSUAL WAY TO ENJOY WARM MOMENTSAn aromatic shower and bath oil 400ml..
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Active ingredients:Hemp hydrolate - has a soothing and soothing effect.Alpha-hydroxy lactic acid - strengthens the protective barrier and helps maintain the pH balance.Allantoin - moisturizes properly.Effects:strengthens the protective barrier, moisturizes and regeneratesHow to use:Apply a small amount of the gel on your hand and gently wash your intimate places. Then rinse with clean water.Inform..
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The product was created for skin that needs hydration, brightening and refreshing. The serum contains vitamin C, which acts as an antioxidant and helps fight free radicals, which contributes to improving the overall appearance of the skin. In addition, the active ingredients of the serum help strengthen the skin's natural protective barrier and improve its elasticity, as well as help reduce discol..
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