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Eveline Cosmetics was established in 1983 and nowadays it is one of the major cosmetic producers in Poland. Our offer encompasses wide spectrum of products – from make-up to face and body care. We are present in Poland as well as on many foreign markets. For more then 29 years we have been selling our products in more then 70 countries all over the world. Many years of experience, high quality, reasonable prices and guaranteed effectiveness of our products have earned us the trust of our clients. We value innovation, good packaging design, balanced price-quality relationship and quick response to new trends – that is why we create cosmetics meeting the expectations and needs of our clients. Together we discover the secrets of natural beauty.
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Hyaluronic Micellar Water Sensitive Skin 3 in 1 for dry, sensitive and capillary skin effectively cleanses and removes waterproof make-up. Immediately moisturizes and soothes...
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Unique synergy of 3 oils (tsubaki, manuka, macadamia) helps overcome symptoms of skin ageing, immediately firms and prevents loss of moisture. Biomimetic peptides provide intense anti-wrinkle and lifting effect. Hyaluronic acid deeply moisturises, retains water molecules in skin and prevents its loss as well as fills wrinkles. D-panthenol soothes irritation symptoms and protects against dryness...
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Natural strawberry extract and Energy Vitamin Complex intensely moisturize even the driest skin! Vitamins A, C, E and B group have anti-aging properties. Strawberry extract cares for skin cell renewal and gives it vitality and radiance. The complex of 5 oils: jojoba, argan, macadamia, orange and wheat germ deeply regenerate, smooth and soften the skin...
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The delicate formula of the gel was created on the basis of organic coconut. Its extract deeply nourishes the skin, thanks to which it regains its natural elasticity. Hyaluronic acid and collagen give the skin a huge dose of hydration and hydration, and ingredients such as: algae and Centella Asiatica regenerate and soothe the epidermis. Coconut nourishment for your skin!..
barcode: 5903416031840 | code: JB400NKOZ |  stock: 38
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Eveline Cosmetics 99% Natural Mango Illuminating & Nourishing Face & Body Gel (400ml) is an illuminating, nourishing body and face gel with an ultra-light formula, enriched with 99% natural, moisturising Mango Extract.Illumi Boost Complex brightens the skin, increasing radiance whilst a blend of Vitamins A, E and F strengthens and smooths the epidermis. Centella Asiatica and Plant Collagen..
barcode: 5903416020226 | code: JB400NMANZ |  stock: 31
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Total Action 9in1 contains a unique concentrated multi-nutrient complex: keratin, vitamins A + E + F, marine minerals and calcium proteins. The formula reconstructs the nail plate, extremely leveling it and filling in microdamages. Creates a protective layer on the nail plate against mechanical damage. Visibly improves the appearance of nails, brightens and brightens their plate...
barcode: 5901761956320 | code: L10801 |  stock: 54
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It moisturises lips and enhances them in sensual way but does not require such precision as a lipstick. The lips covered with lipgloss get the ”wet” look as if they were constantly moisturised. Lips enhanced with lipgloss give freshness and character to every styling no matter it is daily or night styling...
barcode: 5901761974980 | code: JLBL4AL115K2 |  stock: 123
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Extremely soft pencil for eye makeup. It has a light, suitably soft texture that spreads easily on the eyelid. A reliable sharpener is built into the crayon closure. It precisely sharpens, which allows to keep the tip of the stick in optimal sharpness, thanks to which the application is easy and the line of the line is perfect...
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The luxurious golden body highlighter from Eveline Cosmetics brightens the skin and gives it a golden shade. Due to particles, the skin becomes golden and shiny. The particles emphasize the strengths of the figure and optically slim it. The product includes pink brazilian pepper oil and argan oil, which comprehensively moisturize and nourish the skin. They regenerate and give it smoothness. The hi..
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The Brazilian Body bronzing lotion cares for the skin, giving it a natural (with a gradual effect), golden tan. All thanks to the use of a liquid crystal emulsion formula that gives the product a velvety texture. The balm spreads evenly over the body, leaving no streaks or discoloration. The GOLDEN TAN complex gives the effect of a golden tan without unpleasant odors. The product also includes coc..
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Transparent vegan formula does not crumble, giving natural effect. Enriched with panthenol and hyaluronic acid, additionally cares for the brows. Precise applicator combs them and allows to give your brow arch a perfect shape!..
barcode: 5903416017462 | code: JLTUBRWITR_A |  stock: 59
EVELINE BROW ART DUO Marker and eyebrow powder 2in1 DARK
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Thanks to the precise tip made of delicate bristles, the pen will perfectly cope with drawing even the smallest hair. On the other side, there is a sponge tip that applies powder to the eyebrows, making the eyebrows clearer. Such an effective solution allows you to create the perfect eyebrow characterization. The formula of the cosmetic is highly durable and waterproof! Available in 3 colors...
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