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Folic acid (folacin, folate) belongs to the vitamin B complex. It is necessary for the regulation of various metabolic processes, participates in the synthesis of purine, pyrimidine compounds and some amino acids, and is involved in the process of cell division. Folic acid deficiency in women before and during pregnancy can lead to neural tube birth defects in their offspring. Folic acid regulates..
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A rich set of vitamins and minerals prepared for women in the second and third trimester of pregnancy and breastfeeding. It contains as many as 20 vitamins and minerals and 2 OMEGA-3 acids. including recommended ingredients such as: folic acid, magnesium, iron, iodine, DHA. The product has been developed for pregnant and lactating women. Properly selected ingredients of the preparation suppleme..
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he feeling of swollen waist, legs or hands is often associated with excessive accumulation of water in the body which may depend on many different factors. These symptoms can be caused by hormonal imbalance during the menstrual period, use of oral contraceptives, bad diet or lack of proper physical exercise. Hydrominum contains ingredients which: - eliminate excess water from the body along wi..
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Positivum SEN sedative tablets food supplement is a combination of natural plant ingredients and melatonin. Extracts from lemon balm and hops cones help maintain a peaceful and healthy sleep. Melissa herb also supports relaxation and good mood. In addition, melatonin contained in the product helps reduce the time it takes to fall asleep.*Directions for use: adults: 3 tablets per day. Use immediate..
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Lokomotiv is a food supplement available as coated tablets containing ingredients which: – relieve discomfort (nausea and dizziness) during travel – are recommended for people with motion sickness. Lokomotiv coated tablets contain ginger rhizome extract which helps reduce symptoms of motion sickness. Ginger relieves discomfort (nausea and dizziness) experienced when travelling by car, train, pl..
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Indications: Colfarm Beta Carotene plus is a dietary supplement that supplements the daily diet with vitamins A and E. Vitamin A helps maintain a healthy and beautiful skin, while vitamin E is a strong antioxidant. The preparation is intended for adults.  Properties: Beta Carotene plus by Colfarm contains vitamins A and E. From beta carotene, our body produces vitamin A. It helps maint..
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A shark is a fish resistant to all diseases, long-lived, very quickly regenerating its strength. Shark liver oil, known to folk medicine for centuries, especially in Scandinavian countries, is also appreciated in the 21st century for its special properties. The secret is in the substances contained in the Greenland shark’s liver. These include alkylglycerols, squalene. Did you know that alkylglyce..
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Alkylglycerols present in the milk of breastfeeding mothers are also found in the shark liver oil. They stimulate the natural immune system of the body. Other ingredients contained in the “Shark Liver Oil” dietary supplement such as vitamin D, zinc and selenium support proper functioning of the immune system. Additionally, they additionally have influence on healthy bones and teeth (D), skin and h..
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Delicious fish oil with a velvety texture without the aftertaste of fish oil!Rich composition to support natural immunityFor ages 3 and aboveNo added sugars. Contains a sweetener - steviol glycosides.Steviol glycosides, obtained from the leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana plant, are a natural sweetener, calorie-free, with a low glycemic index, safe for diabetics.Gluten-free product.The certified fish..
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Doppelherz Aktiv for the heart EPA+DHA supports the proper functioning of the heart and maintains the appropriate level of homocysteine in the blood in people who consume little sea fish, are in their prime and live under stress. Omega-3 fatty acids from fish (DHA+EPA) contained in Doppelherz Aktiv capsules have a positive effect on the functioning of the heart and coronary vessels. They have a..
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A set of optimally selected ingredients that support proper vision: vitamin A and zinc help maintain proper vision, vitamin C, vitamin E and zinc help protect cells from oxidative stress.The dietary supplement is recommended for people who want to take care of their eyes, in particular: spending many hours in front of the screen, driving vehicles after dark, staying in smoky rooms, expos..
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Food supplementStrawberry and mango-flavoured fruit and herbal tea4x Super Slim slimmind, food supplement, is a composition of numerous ingredients, such as white mulberry leaves, prickly pear extract, hibiscus flowers or bladderwrack.Bladderwrack - suppresses appetite and improves metabolism, which has a positive effect on keeping proper body weight. It is also a natural source of iodine.&nb..
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