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The first comprehensive treatment that significantly strengthens your hair and helps prevents hair loss. New and improved formulas from Radical can significantly help. Using their custom formulas and their supplemental inhibitors including horsetail extract which helps hair loss, stimulates its growth process and provides the interior of hair roots with all the essential nutrients. Give your hair a boost of strength and beauty, making it full of light and energy!

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Emollients perfectly smooth the hair and create a protective layer on its surface, constituting a barrier against the harmful effects of external factors. The emollient rebuilding mask for weakened and very damaged hair has a triple power of action: it clearly strengthens and nourishes the hair, repairs damage along the entire length of the hair and effectively protects against their formatio..
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A PROVEN WAY FOR BEAUTIFUL, STRONG AND HEALTHY HAIR. A comprehensive line for washing and care of hair and scalp, a specialist in the field of strengthening and caring for all types of hair. A wide range of products, through precisely developed, concentrated recipes and appropriately selected active ingredients with proven effect, provides comprehensive, specialized care and allows you to select t..
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Enzymatic trichological peeling for all types of scalp, also sensitive and delicate. Dermocosmetics from the Radical med series are a range of specialist preparations for hair and scalp care. It provides a comprehensive treatment with a broad spectrum of action. New in the line, Enzymatic trichological peeling is intended for cleansing and care of the scalp, including sensitive and delicate ..
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Proteins are the main building block of the hair shaft, add volume and fill in microdamages. A protein mask that gives volume to weak, thin and delicate hair has a triple power of action: it visibly strengthens the hair, gives it more volume and protects against damage. The highly concentrated formula contains 95% ingredients of natural origin. It provides effective and precise action ba..
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Trichology is a science that deals with the removal of problems related to the scalpand hair, as well as broadly understood care aimed at improving the quality of the scalp and hair.Using our knowledge and many years of experience, we have created a new, extremely effective line of trichological products that will allow you to regain healthy and beautiful hair.Our Trichological hair growth acceler..
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The trichological formula with triple action perfectly cleanses and cares for your hair and scalp, and visibly strengthens the hair, effectively inhibiting hair loss and stimulating the growth of new hair .The highly concentrated, vegan recipe contains as much as 97% of ingredients of natural origin , is gentle on the hair and scalp, and ensures effective and precise action, ensuring the desired r..
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Do you want to have strong and beautiful hair? Welcome to the home of Radical cosmetics. This house has strong foundations in the form of silica-rich horsetail extract and arginine. Thanks to them, Radical helps weakened and falling hair, radically strengthening it. The Radical set includes a hair treatment in the form of three unique cosmetics: shampoo for daily care, regenerating serum a..
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Effects:- moisturizes the scalp, slowing down the formation of scales  - reduces itching- soothes and soothes irritations- smoothes and regenerates the hair- improves the appearance and condition of the hairHow to use: after using a specialized shampoo, apply a small amount of the conditioner to wet hair. Massage the conditioner into the hair and scalp, leave it on for 3-5 minutes, then ..
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Effects:- softens the scales and facilitates its removal- effectively cleans the scalp of keratinized epidermis- moisturizes the scalp, slowing down the formation of scales  - reduces the feeling of tightening and skin tightening- soothes and soothes- reduces the feeling of itching- has a beneficial effect on hair growth and strengtheningHow to use: apply a small amount of shampoo on wet..
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ENZYMATIC CLEANSING PEELING FOR SENSITIVE, PROBLEMATIC AND IRRITATED SCALP WITH TRIPLE POWER.Improves the condition of hair and scalp: removes dandruff, strengthens hair and prevents greasy hair.Radical is a real breakthrough in hair care and in the fight against hair loss.The peeling thoroughly cleanses the scalp, restoring its physiological balance, effectively moisturizes, soothes and sooth..
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Using our knowledge and many years of experience, we have created a new, extremely effective line of trichological products that will allow you to regain healthy and beautiful hair.The Trichological treatment that accelerates hair growth is a real breakthrough in the care of rare, thin, slow-growing and falling-out hair.The trichological formula with triple action clearly strengthens the hair ..
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The anti-hair loss shampoo is intended for washing weakened hair and prevents it from falling out. Thanks to the content of horsetail extract and the Pro-Hair Booster 4H hair anchoring biocomplex, the shampoo clearly strengthens and inhibits hair loss. The vitamins contained in the shampoo nourish and improve the condition of the hair, making it velvety and smooth to the touch.The shampoo thorough..
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