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Pani Walewska

Beauty, Style, Elegance
Pani Walewska is made of high-quality preparations designed for mature skin, providing the skin with comprehensive care, making it easier to fight for youth. The products contain specially selected active substances that stimulate the vitality of the skin, have a firming, moisturizing and anti-wrinkle effect.

High-quality cosmetics created especially for mature skin, providing comprehensive skin care, facilitating the fight for youth. The products contain thoroughly selected active substances that stimulate the vitality of the skin: firming, moisturizing and smoothing down wrinkles.


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Original French fragrance based on a fancy lily-of-the-valley - rose - jasmine notes awakens memories of the special moments. Remarkable and original cobalt colored bottle makes those perfumes the object of desire of every elegant woman...
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The ethereal composition exudes the characteristic scent of delicate, white orchid and jasmine flowers intertwined with juicy citrus and appetizing pear sorbet. The whole fragrance is bathed in the aroma of sun-warmed almonds combined with warm vanilla. The fragrance is closed in a unique bottle referring to the rich history of the brand, on the one hand it refers to the timeless elegance, on the ..
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In the perfume pyramid of Pani Valevskaya Gold, the lightest notes of noble jasmine are intertwined with pink motifs and accents of a green apple. The heart of the bouquet is dominated by a sweet, ringing lily of the valley, giving way to a warm vanilla haze mixed with smoky resinous patchouli and spicy nutmeg. His delightful flair is always relevant when it is necessary to emphasize the romance a..
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Sweet and energetic vanilla extract hidden in Pani Walewska WHITE makes those perfumes perfect for every woman. It is an energetic composition of delicate, white flowers combined with a sensual ambergris and vanilla. The essence of femininity and luxury closed in a unique bottle, of which design will appeal to women who prefer simple and subtle style...
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The composition closed in Pani Walewska NOIR perfumes is a proposition for exceptional women, perfect for any occasion. Pani Walewska NOIR is an intense and fresh composition that combines notes of juicy citrus with a seductive rose and sensual musk...
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The rich and luxurious fragrance of Pani Walewska Ruby is inspired by the glow of a noble ruby. This new fragrance is an invitation to a world where timeless elegance, sophistication and impeccable style lead the way, regardless of age. Pani Walewska Ruby's chypre-fruity perfume reflects a feminine sensuality in which the aromas of red fruit blend with notes of jasmine. The scent is broken by a bo..
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Gentle moisturizing emulsion designed for the care of dry and normal mature skin. Active ingredients contained in the cream penetrate quickly into the skin, stimulating its natural moisturizing mechanisms. It perfectly smoothes, firms and strengthens the skin, prevents it from sagging. It gently nourishes, leaving a protective film that prevents moisture loss. The cream minimizes the feeling of ro..
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Special formula of the cream is designed for dry, normal, sensitive, prone to irritations and wrinkles mature skin care. It regenerates and smoothes, strengthens and firms the skin. It gently moisturizes, effectively nourishes, reducing dryness and tension of the skin. It helps to maintain an appropriate level of moisture, making the skin soft and silky smooth. It effectively protects against harm..
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Rich consistency of the cream slows down skin aging process by repairing collagen fibres. Selected ingredients: BLACK ROSE EXTRACT, STEM CELLS, HYDROMANIL™, PEPTIDE COMPLEX shallow and reduce wrinkles as well as model facial oval. Immediately moisturizes, eliminates the feeling of skin dryness and reduces redness. As a result, the skin regains its firmness and resilience. Regular application LO..
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Rich consistency of the cream intensely regenerates and reinforces protective barrier of the skin. Selected ingredients: BLACK PEARL EXTRACT, HYDROMANIL™, PEPTIDE COMPLEX lift and firm, effectively reduce deep wrinkles and furrows. Regular use reduces skin flabbbiness and dryness, makes the skin full of radiance. Regular application SLOWS DOWN SKIN AGING PROCESS, STUMULATES COLLAGEN SYNTHESIS, ..
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Semi-rich cream is designed for the care of mature, dry and normal skin. It perfectly smoothes, strengthens and tones the skin, giving it a fresh and healthy color. After use the skin will maintain optimum moisture level which ensures maximum skin firmness and elasticity. It soothes skin irritations and tensions and leaves a protective film on the skin which works against harmful external factors...
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Special formula for all mature skin types. The active ingredients prevent the signs of aging of the skin and keeps it in good shape. It effectively smooths wrinkles, slows the process of creating new, eliminates signs of sagging and skin aging. Its regenerating properties moisturize and tone the skin. It contains UVA and UVB SPF 6 - which prevent from the harmful effects of direct sun...
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