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OnlyBio is a Polish manufacturer of vegan, natural, certified hair, face and body care products for women and men, and ecological home products

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For colored hair Your dream blond is starting to fall into yellow tones, and reddish reflections appear on the previously perfect brown? In that case, it's time to reach for the Shampoo cooling hair color from Onlybio. Thanks to it, the strands will again have a satisfactory shade and their condition will improve. Calamus extract strengthens the bulbs, preventing hair loss. Arnica, on the other..
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Moisturized and firm skin every day Your body is beautiful, so it's worth emphasizing it every day! Almond shower gel from the Body in Balance by Onlybio line will take you on an aromatic journey. Its goal is regenerated skin in which you will feel confident and comfortable. Thanks to carefully composed ingredients, including nourishing sweet almond oil, the skin will be moisturized, firm and s..
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OnlyBio Baby Delicate, 500 ml, Baby bath for children, OnlyBio Baby Delicate gently cleanses the baby's skin and provides it with the necessary nutrition. Features: smells pleasant, creates abundant foam, soothes irritations, moisturizes, can also be used for sensitive skin. Ingredients: vegan product, at least 99% of natural ingredients. How to use: Add a small amount of the preparation to the pr..
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Gentle body wash gel for sensitive and delicate skin. Care for children 0-3 years old. contains a natural cleansing complex that gently cleanses the skin, contains a unique complex of prebiotics, does not affect the skin microbiome, retains moisture in the skin structure, soothes irritations, thanks to sesame oil, it leaves the skin soft and smooth to the touch, ultra-delicate scent. H..
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Product recommended by the Polish Dermatological Society. The product contains Prebiotics Baby Complex, a natural protective shield for the microbiome of your baby's skin. 99% ingredients of natural origin. Thanks to the content of cleansing substances of natural origin, the shampoo formula gently cleanses the hair without disturbing the natural protective barrier and preventing excessive drying. ..
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For atopic, allergic and irritation-prone skin. Care from the first day of life.Product advantages:  contains a natural cleansing complex that gently cleanses the hair and scalp, contains a unique complex of prebiotics, does not sting the eyes, gently moisturizes, protecting the skin's protective barrier,  soothes irritations, does not tangle hair, gently foaming formula, ultradelicate,..
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From now on, every bath can be unique - aromatic and extremely relaxing. Coconut shower gel from the Body in Balance series by Onlybio will naturally take care of your body. Its vegan formula will help you discover and experience your own beauty, giving you a feeling of complete comfort and acceptance. We have enriched the formula with coconut butter, which strengthens the skin's hydrolipid coat. ..
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Aromatic and effective care Malina shower gel, from the Body in Balance by Onlybio line, will not only improve your mood, but will also take care of your skin every day. The secret of its nutritional effect is Nordic raspberry extract. It increases skin elasticity, deeply moisturizes and accelerates repair processes. Thanks to this, you can feel completely comfortable, enjoying smooth and regen..
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Its light formula, based on 98% natural origin, immediately removes natural reflections. You usually look very good even when many days have passed since the visit to the hairdresser. The conditioner affects not only the shade of the hair, but also on their basis. Thanks to the content of emollients, such as nut oils and avocados, they nourish the strands, smooth them and enhance shine. ..
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We have a specialized formula for you straight from nature: vegan, ecological, certified - created to protect the natural microflora of intimate areas. It is so gentle that you can use it for daily hygiene as well as for shaving.PH balance In our liquid you will find everything that is best for your skin: prebiotics that rebuild and strengthen the natural microbiome of the intimate areas, rapesee..
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Detangling baby mist with coconut oil and wheat proteins. Detangling baby mist is our solution for tangled strands. Start conscious hair care for your child with Hair in Balance Kids! After each hair wash, spray the mist on your child's hair. Comb your strands without tugging or pulling. You can also use the mist on dry hair before using a brush or comb. What does it smooth? Coconut oil reg..
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Natural vegan formula with proteins and green tea gently cleanses and bounces hair at the roots! The cosmetic is rich in nutrients, including proteins that bounce hair at the root. This emphasizes the volumizing effect of Reverse Washing hair care. If your hair gets oily, this could be the way to avoid quick frizz and strand podging. This natural formula is even suitable for daily use, regardless..
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