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Miraculum S.A is a Polish cosmetics company that consistently builds its market position while respecting its tradition and rich history dating back to the 1920s. Over the years, Miraculum has undergone a spectacular transformation, becoming one of the main players on the Polish cosmetics market. The company's activity is focused on the development and sale of modern face and body care cosmetics, perfumery, depilatory preparations and make-up cosmetics. Miraculum has 11 brands in its portfolio, including the well-known brands: Pani Walewska, Miraculum, Gracja, Tanita, Paloma, as well as: Lider, Wars and Maybe, purchased in 2007 from PZ Cussons Polska S.A. and the Joko and Virtual brands, taken over along with the purchase of shares in Multicolor Sp. z o.o. in 2012. For 90 years, the Company has been identified with the highest quality products, developed in a modern Laboratory in Krakow.

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Patchouli, Woody Amber, Moss, Muskeau de parfumPower of attraction that revives the senses,evoking a thrill of unforgettable emotions...
barcode: 5900793047525 | code: MMP04752-B |  stock: 11
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Effects:has a strong antioxidant effectimproves skin firmness and elasticity, reduces wrinkles, and maintains an appropriate level of hydrationhas a relaxing effect, reducing tension and stress..
barcode: 5900793047365 | code: MWC34736 |  stock: 12
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Effects: formula is instantly absorbed into the skinsoftens and gives the skin a healthy, luminous appearancehas a relaxing effect, reducing tension and stressstimulates and revitalizes the skin, brings out its natural glow..
barcode: 5900793047303 | code: MWC34730 |  stock: 5
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Effects:provides thorough cleansingeasily removes makeup residuehas a soothing effect, helping to regenerate irritated skinsoftens and smoothes the epidermis..
barcode: 5900793047402 | code: MWC34740 |  stock: 23
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Effects:illuminates the lookeliminates signs of fatigue, stress and lack of sleephas a smoothing effect on the skin around the eyes, reducing dark circles and puffiness..
barcode: 5900793047341 | code: MWC34734 |  stock: 11
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Effects:prevents the formation of wrinklessupports smoothing the existing onesimproves the regeneration of the lipid barrier..
barcode: 5900793047327 | code: MWC34732 |  stock: 28
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Intensive micro-peeling that smoothes the skin, contains exfoliating particles of natural origin that effectively remove dead epidermis...
barcode: 5900793047426 | code: MWC34742 |  stock: 8
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Effects:increases the antioxidant protection of the skinprevents the negative effects of civilization stressprovides intensive nourishment, hydration and regeneration of the skin..
barcode: 5900793047389 | code: MWC34738 |  stock: 70
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