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Miraculum S.A is a Polish cosmetics company that consistently builds its market position while respecting its tradition and rich history dating back to the 1920s. Over the years, Miraculum has undergone a spectacular transformation, becoming one of the main players on the Polish cosmetics market. The company's activity is focused on the development and sale of modern face and body care cosmetics, perfumery, depilatory preparations and make-up cosmetics. Miraculum has 11 brands in its portfolio, including the well-known brands: Pani Walewska, Miraculum, Gracja, Tanita, Paloma, as well as: Lider, Wars and Maybe, purchased in 2007 from PZ Cussons Polska S.A. and the Joko and Virtual brands, taken over along with the purchase of shares in Multicolor Sp. z o.o. in 2012. For 90 years, the Company has been identified with the highest quality products, developed in a modern Laboratory in Krakow.

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A highly pigmented, multi-purpose blush that can be used on eyes, lips and cheeks for a powdery, matte lip finish and a delicate blush on the cheeks. The delicate, creamy consistency of the mousse perfectly blends into the skin, giving an intense color that lasts for a long time. The applicator brush ensures easy application and an even and smooth finish. Perfect for everyday use, one product a..
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Patchouli, Woody Amber, Moss, MuskPower of attraction that revives the senses, evoking a thrill of unforgettable emotions...
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Patchouli, Woody Amber, Moss, Muskeau de parfumPower of attraction that revives the senses,evoking a thrill of unforgettable emotions...
barcode: 5900793047525 | code: MMP04752-B |  stock: 8
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Effects:increases the antioxidant protection of the skinprevents the negative effects of civilization stressprovides intensive nourishment, hydration and regeneration of the skin..
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Eau de parfum hides the magic of juicy fruits and delicate flowers. Subtle fruit aroma, including chords of pear, peach, raspberry and strawberry, surrounds the skin with an impressive aura. Heart note is filled with delicious jasmine and peony, creating floral tones. The note of depth is made up of patchouli, sandalwood and ambergris.HEAD NOTE: red fruit, peach, apricotHEART NOTE: rose, peony, ja..
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Introducing a floral, musky and woody fragrance for women with a light trail - London by Miraculum. In the first 15-25 minutes. notes are felt: geranium, rose, violet, bergamot and hawthorn. Subsequent with twenty minutes. up to 2 hours notes: hyacinth, sandalwood, mimosa, white cedar and lily of the valley. At the end of the scent: amber and heliotrope. The small 10 ml bottle allows for frequent ..
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The frantic rhythm of the big city, the interweaving of aromas and bursts of versatile emotions - all this is about Miraculum Byc Moze New York. The interweaving of juicy peach, tangerine and lime will whirl you in a whirlwind of passion, turn your head, fill you with the desire to do something extraordinary and thoughtless. Peaceful geraniums and orange blossom, accentuated by oriental and spicy ..
barcode: 5900793007918 | code: MIRA6 CBM76401-B |  stock: 104
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We offer a floral and chypre long-lasting fragrance for women with a medium sillage - Paris from Miraculum. In the form of perfumes that have the highest possible proportion of aromatic oils with the most intense aroma. In the first 15-20 minutes. notes are felt: peach and bergamot. Continue from 20-25 minutes. up to two o'clock notes: jasmine and patchouli. Finally, amber and sandalwood complete ..
barcode: 5900793002470 | code: CBM76001 |  stock: 32
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An unusual, romantic scent with elegant floral notes that brings to mind Rome - the city of artists to which all roads lead. The aromatic composition is based on aldehyde notes, contains notes of resin seed, ylang-ylang, jasmine, red rose. Woody notes are also expressive in it: sandalwood, labdan resin and oak moss. The perfume perfectly expresses the climate of the capital of Italy...
barcode: 5900793007789 | code: MIRA8 CBM76201-B |  stock: 113
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An unusual, long-lasting fragrance with an elegant, chypre-floral note. Muscat, coriander, pepper, bergamot and lemon are in perfect harmony with plant notes: mimosa, iris, rose, peach, jasmine, lily of the valley and violet, representing the climate of Tokyo - a modern and multimillion-dollar metropolis. Integrity is crowned with patchouli, honey, sandalwood, oakmoss, musk and amber, which are am..
barcode: 5900793007796 | code: MIRA10 CBM76301-B |  stock: 137
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Chopin OP.25 is an Eau de Parfum for men. Fragrance notes Top notes: lemon, black pepper, elemi resin. Heart notes: cedar wood, cypriol, jasmine. Base notes: moss, woody notes, musk...
barcode: 5900793042087 | code: L62674 |  stock: 2
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A day cream for all skin types, it contains anti-aging ingredients to help refresh the skin's appearance. It leaves the skin smooth, velvety and soft to the touch. It absorbs quickly. It can be used both day and night. Suitable for use under makeup. Thanks to the active ingredients: The collagen HXA complex is a combination of bioactive ingredients known for their effective anti-wrinkle prop..
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