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Choose effective dishwasher tablets ,Every dishwasher owner is aware that dishwasher tablets are mandatory products that we cannot omit if we want our dishes to shine and smell. However, you do not have to add rinse aid and other detergents to it - all you need to do is reach for one effective product that contains all the ingredients necessary to achieve the effect of clean dishes. This prod..
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Liquid for washing children's clothes .The skin of a baby is extremely sensitive and delicate. For this reason, children's clothes should not be washed in ordinary powder, which could irritate the skin and cause allergic reactions in the baby. We recommend our special liquid for washing children's clothes Baby Care, which received a positive opinion of the Institute of Mother and Child. The produc..
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Ludwik citrus dishwashing liquid .No kitchen should be without trusted products that make everyday washing easier and much more enjoyable.Ludwik Citrus dishwashing liquid is an effective slayer of fat and other dirt on kitchen utensils.The product combines extra cleaning power with an extremely fresh citrus scent that makes every wash more pleasant.The result is perfectly clean and shiny dishes.Th..
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Ludwik gel for washing colored and black fabrics .We present the universal Ludwik fabric washing gel, which can be used for both black and colored fabrics. It is an extremely versatile product suitable for washing in all types of washing machines as well as for hand washing. Ludwik gel for washing colored and black fabrics has a special formula that protects clothes against color loss. This ..
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Characteristics :capsules designed for washing colored fabrics ,remove stubborn stains while protecting fabrics against color loss ,give a long-lasting pleasant fragrance and soften fabrics ,are washable at 30°, 40°, 60° and 90°,capsules in a convenient bag with a string closure .Capsules for washing fabrics COLOR 2 in 1 caps effectively remove stubborn stains, protect fabrics against color loss, ..
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Colour oxygen powder stain remover for coloured textiles .* for coloured fabrics.* effective powder formula* effectively removes stains* safe for fabrics (except wool and linen)* free from chloride and harmful phosphates*protection against discolouring Safe for fabrics (except wool and linen). It does not contain chlorine and harmful phosphates. Composition: 5-15% oxygen-based bleaching..
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Product description:  Grapefruit Dishwashing liquid - Relentless on grease - Crystal-clear and shiny dishes - Thick texture, fresh grapefruit fragrance - Skin-neutral pH - gentle on hands, contains lemongrass extract Certified by the National Institute of Hygiene. Dermatologically tested...
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LUDWIK dishwashing liquid green apple 900g. Green apple. Dish soap: Ruthless for fat, Crystal clear and shiny dishes, Thick texture, fresh green apple scent, pH neutral for the skin - gentle for the hands, contains green tea extract...
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Hypoallergenic fragrance-free dishwashing liquid .Some detergents intended for hand washing may cause irritation in people with sensitive skin or struggling with skin allergies. A safe alternative to traditional dishwashing products is the hypoallergenic Ludwik dishwashing liquid. Its unique recipe was developed with allergy sufferers in mind. The liquid formula has been enriched with aloe vera ex..
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Description: Top quality Relentless on grease ,Crystal clear and shining dishes, pH-neutral for the skin, Thick consistency, delicate aloe vera fragrance ,Gentle on hands It is biodegradable - always environmentally friendly.INGREDIENTS: Aqua ,Sodium Laureth, Sulfate , Sodium chloride , Cocamidopropyl Betaine , Sodium Lauryl Sulfate , Cocamidopropylamine Oxide , parfum , Acetic acid ..
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Ludwik pomegranate washing up liquid .Dirty dishes and tedious washing up every day upset you? Choose a proven dishwashing liquid that will help you in everyday washing! Ludwik pomegranate with verbena is a guarantee of perfectly clean and shiny dishes after each wash. The liquid is an effective slayer of fat, dried residues and other dirt. The exceptional effectiveness is due to the improved..
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Raspberry dishwashing liquid. Hand dishwashing cannot be thorough and fully effective without the right products. High-quality Ludwik dishwashing liquids have been developed to effectively remove grease from dirty dishes. The presented raspberry dishwashing liquid is a novelty in the Ludwik brand offer. It is characterized by high efficiency in removing grease and other dirt. The thick consistenc..
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