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Their unique line of interior cosmetics not only effectively clean surfaces, but also build the atmosphere in your home. Perfumery fragrances guarantee a pleasant experience. Perfect House® cosmetics are for people who care not only about the effectiveness of cleaning products, but also about the aesthetics of the interior, which reflects their character and sense of style.

Hair Care
Their hair care beauty herbal line is based on the beneficial action of natural ingredients. It is based on plant extracts and formulas passed from generation to generation. Shampoos and conditioners in this line effectively cleanse the scalp and hair, improve their condition, make them smooth and soft as well as looking healthy.

A distinguishing feature of the line is its high content of natural and soothing ingredients from 90% to 99%. The hypoallergenic line is great for dry, sensitive and allergy-prone skin – the products are dermatologically tested, recommended also for atopic dermatitis.

Natural Line
Their Natural cosmetic line is a range of products with a nutritional, cleansing, regenerative, moisturising and rejuvenating effects. These products were inspired by home beauty treatments and their recipes are based on the beneficial effects of ingredients of natural origin, such as rice protein extract, apple vinegar, brewer’s yeast, flax, olives, cottonseed oil, aloe and avocado, enriched with a vitamin complex.

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A delicate cosmetic with a fresh orange scent, for everyday use, intended for children over 1 year of age, as well as adults with particularly sensitive skin. Thanks to the recipe based on extremely mild ingredients, it gently cleanses and cares for the skin, without irritating the eyes. Creamy foam gives the hair a natural fluffiness and makes it easier to detangle...
barcode: 5902305000806 | code: BARWA 154 |  stock: 305
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Barwa anti-acne sulfur soap is an excellent support in the fight against imperfections and acne lesions. The soap effectively cleanses the skin, prevents it from getting greasy, reduces the visibility of pores without causing excessive skin dryness. ..
barcode: 5902305000646 | code: L15052 |  stock: 73
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Colours of Harmony is a luxurious series of cosmetics that seduce with beautiful fragrances and elegant packaging. The plant base of the soap has been enriched with nourishing shea butter, which provides extraordinary delicacy in the care of the skin of the body and face. The main ingredient of the soap is a rejuvenating complex of 5 natural oils: coconut, Buriti, olive oil, avocado and grape, whi..
barcode: 5902305006464 | code: BARWA 64 |  stock: 399
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Application: 3 in 1 bar for activities, moisturizing and intimate hygiene, to achieve a rich natural additive for oiling and drying in a humidifier and a handy bar. The sets of them are elements of 1 liter of water and two plastic glasses.Action: Action: hair care and moisturizing, moisturizing, moisturizing, moisturizing, moisturizing, moisturizing panthenol or improving detergent, perfectly impr..
barcode: 5902305004545 | code: L62575 |  stock: 20
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Shampoo inspired by home rinsing treatment with apple cider vinegar. The formula of the shampoo draws on the beneficial properties of the natural extract of apple cider vinegar, which effectively cleans the hair and scalp with hair styling cosmetics. The recipe culminates in the presence of a nutritional complex of vitamins and conditioning biotin, which visibly improve the condition of the head a..
barcode: 5902305005634 | code: BARWA 109 |  stock: 22
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Barwa conditioner improves the condition of the hair and, more importantly, lasts a very long time.The product effectively cleanses the hair and restores its healthy appearance..
barcode: 5902305005658 | code: BARWA 116 |  stock: 3
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Application: Bar shampoo is an effective and rich in natural ingredients product for hair care in an organic and handy bar! Each of them saves 1 liter of water and two plastic bottles less.Action: Delicate and at the same time highly effective shampoo ingredients, such as moisturizing and soothing panthenol, extremely gentle detergent or ultra-nourishing sweet almond oil perfectly cleanse the hair..
barcode: 5902305004521 | code: L62577 |  stock: 20
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Application: 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner bar is an effective hair care product rich in natural ingredients in an organic and handy bar! Each of them saves 1 liter of water and two plastic bottles less.Action: Delicate and at the same time highly effective ingredients of the product, such as ultra-nourishing shea butter, moisturizing and soothing panthenol, extremely gentle detergent, perfectly ..
barcode: 5902305004538 | code: L62576 |  stock: 20
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Barwa Universal Soap is 99.94% natural, plant-based - suitable for vegans. It is an ideal cosmetic for people with sensitive skin, dermatologically tested. Universal Soap® is also a natural detergent that will keep your clothes fresh and clean! Properties:Vegetable soap base99.94% natural ingredientssuitable for vegansdelicate, does not dry the skin,suitable for all skin types,natural deterge..
barcode: 5902305002855 | code: L62837 |  stock: 50
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Traditional Polish Gray Soap The color, based on vegetable oil, is a natural, delicate product dedicated to people with particularly sensitive skin. The unique composition makes the cosmetic hypoallergenic and can also be safely used by people struggling with allergies...
barcode: 5902305002862 | code: BARWA 17 |  stock: 853
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Hypoallergenic Barwa bar soap , based on a natural recipe, is a product suitable for all skin types. Created with palm oil and natural ingredients, it is especially recommended for people suffering from allergies.  ..
barcode: 5902305001513 | code: L9010 |  stock: 2
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Purpose:  Traditional Polish Gray Soap with hemp oil is dedicated to sensitive, delicate skin, prone to irritation and psoriasis.Application:  cleansing problematic skinAction:  prevents excessive drying of the epidermis and "tightening" of the skin. Cleans, soothes irritations, moisturizes and promotes faster regeneration. Does not affect the protective layer.Smell:  no fragra..
barcode: 5902305003357 | code: BARWA 15 |  stock: 398
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